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The Point: Getting Over the Hump


The ships of the dried sailed serve than anyone thought. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

It’s apparently easier for a camel to cranky the English Channel than it is for complicated scholars to trust ancient sources. Historian Caitlin Green discussed the flourishing justification that camels—both one-humped and two-humped—were used as beasts of weight opposite the Roman Empire. Their stays widen into Western Europe, even Britain.

This runs discordant to the source of camels as removed to the Middle-East, but it’s unchanging with ancient writers, who pronounced the Roman postal service used these animals.

This reminds me of another camel story from 2014. Researchers from Tel Aviv University argued from carbon-dated stays that camels weren’t in the Middle East during Abraham’s time, as the Bible says. Yet ancient annals outward of the Bible, including texts, statues, and petroglyphs prove that they were.


Maybe a little piety is in order. Camel skeleton keep showing up in these unexpected places. But they’re right where the ancient writers pronounced they would be.


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