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The Point: Feasting on Facebook


There’s an old observant about chefs. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Maybe you’ve listened never trust a prepare who won’t eat his own food. Well, some of the chefs that helped prepare up Facebook for the enlightenment don’t eat it themselves.

For instance, former Facebook president, Sean Parker, says he worries what his social network is “doing to the children’s brains.” He calls the routine of posting statuses and photos for “likes” a kind of “social-validation feedback loop” that hijacks the dopamine circuits.

And just recently, Facebook’s former conduct of user expansion told students at Stanford that he feels “tremendous guilt” over the way Facebook has contributed to ripping detached the social fabric. “No polite discourse, no cooperation, [just] misinformation, mistruth,” he said.

This former exec encourages others to at slightest take a “hard break” from social media every once in a while. As Christians, we can benefit poise over this beast by stuffing that time with prayer, Scripture reading, and singing hymns together.


Social media is juicy fare, but take it from the chefs: we need a some-more offset diet.

Images pleasantness of fotosipsak and nito100 at iStock by Getty Images. Illustration designed by Heidi Allums.

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