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The Point: Define Fraternity


Define “fraternity.” For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Some Yale students wish fraternities to accept women. Why? Well, as one beginner said: “Women being a partial for fraternities would create a better, some-more certain sourroundings … and would substantially relieve passionate attack in their houses.”

Hmmm… what could go wrong with that plan?!

I consider a little doctrine on the clarification of difference is in order… free of charge, which is of march some-more than Yale can say.

“Fraternity” means “brotherhood.” It comes from “frater,” the Latin word for brother. Likewise, women can go to a “sorority,” which means sisterhood.


By definition, women can’t be brothers, and men can’t be sisters. Therefore, hang with me here, a companionship that admits women is no longer a fraternity.

Words have meaning. They indicate to reality, and how we use them gives us a clearer or some-more twisted prophesy of reality. Nowhere is that some-more apparent than when it comes to sex and gender.

Men and women were combined biologically, physiologically, and emotionally different. That’s reality, distinct a sorority with men, or a companionship with women.


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