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The Point: Chilly Climes for Canadian Christians


It’s getting cold up north. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Yes, meridian change is real—at slightest in Canada. But I’m not articulate about the weather. we meant the increasingly antagonistic meridian for Canadian Christians.

This week the Canadian Supreme Court will hear a case involving Trinity Western University, a Christian school in British Columbia. Trinity wants to open a law school, but two Canadian law societies will exclude to impute it. Trinity Western obliges students to defend matrimony between a man and a lady and to refrain from sex outward marriage.

The law associations contend that’s anti-LGBT discrimination. Obviously, the Court’s statute will have outrageous implications for Christians up north.

Then there’s this. A couple in Alberta have been incited down as impending adoptive parents. Why? They’re Christians who trust in Christian passionate morality. Not only did Alberta’s Child and Family Services spin them away, but Catholic Social Services withdrew their recommendation of the couple. Insane.


Pray for the brothers and sisters in Canada. And beware… these Canadian cold fronts could be moving south.

Image pleasantness of tzahiV, czarny_bez, and designer491 at iStockPhoto by Getty Images. Illustration designed by Heidi Allums.

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