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The Point: A New Olympic Record


Here’s a new Olympic record…

The difference “scandal” and “Olympics” seem to go together, at slightest in new years: From the temptation and crime surrounding the Rio summer games, to the banning of Russia for systemic doping of athletes, to the appalling crimes committed by USA Olympics Gymnastics alloy Larry Nassar.

And the other Olympic liaison that no one is job a scandal. According to Fox News, “A record series of condoms—nearly 40 per person—were distributed to athletes participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics this month.”

Forty? The athletes are there for a week and a half or two weeks. Do the math.

Evidently officials wish to make certain these hyper rival athletes can “let off steam.”


But don’t worry about passionate abuse, we’re assured. Officials set up “four conversing centers to offer psychological services, medical caring and authorised advice.”

So to review, capacitate function and set up a triage section for victims, lest the IOC run afoul of the new passionate orthodoxy.

What could presumably go wrong?



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