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The Point: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


Charlie Brown didn’t get much right, but Charles Schulz did. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

We’ve all seen “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” in which Charlie Brown messes up the Christmas play and Linus reminds everybody what Christmas is all about.

Another of my favorites is “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Poor Chuck’s friends show up awaiting a feast, but he and Snoopy offer them preserve beans and popcorn.

Thankfully, Linus is there again to tell the loyal story of Thanksgiving.


But it’s Marcie who reminds Charlie Brown that the Pilgrims at Plymouth didn’t come to cooking awaiting to accept something. They were there to commemorate what they’d already received—life, provision, and loyalty with the Wampanoags.

We’re better off currently than they were, nonetheless many of us will lay around the Thanksgiving list grumbling and fighting about politics. If Linus and Marcie were grateful for Charlie Brown’s leftover Halloween candy, can’t we take one day to appreciate God for the blessings?

Hopefully you won’t have preserve beans and popcorn for dinner, but we do wish you enjoy some Peanuts this Thanksgiving.


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