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The Internet of Things and the FCC: Failure Rate Approx. 75%, Millions Already Hacked, Tax Dollars Spent

By Phil D. Coffers

“Security Experts Warn Congress That the Internet of Things Could Kill People…”

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and his family have already perceived death threats since he voted to finish “Net Neutrality.”

This is unfortunate.  What is equally hapless is that he also supports a program that has

  1. Security experts totally freaking out and speaking out
  2. Demonstrated an approximately 75% disaster rate
  3. Federal dollars continue to be spent to install and implement it despite all the problems already compared with it
  4. Millions have already been hacked since of it

This program is called “The Internet of Things (IoT).”


“Although supervision and attention promote the IoT as the cure-all for all ills, the IoT itself, creates a plethora of problems.”  http://whatis5g.info/

And approbation there have already been problems: 

  • “Nearly 75% Internet of Things Projects are Failing”
  • “University hacked by its own vending machines: How IoT almost took whole campus offline”
  • “This Teen Hacked 150,000 Printers to Show How the Internet of Things Is Shit”
  • “Security Experts Warn Congress That the Internet of Things Could Kill People. Poorly cumulative webcams and other Internet-connected inclination are already being used as collection for cyberattacks. Can the supervision forestall this from apropos a inauspicious problem?”
  • “If we must have an IoT swamp hurl holder, can we at slightest make it secure? It’s the internet of sh*tty things, says Intel Security’s Raj Samani”
  • “In a comparatively brief time, we’ve taken a complement built to dispute drop by nuclear weapons and done it exposed to toasters.” Jeff Jarmoc, Senior Security Researcher, Dell Secure Works Counter Threat Unit
  • “The Internet of Things Will Turn Large-Scale Hacks into Real World Disasters”
  • “What happens when dishwashers attack the network?”
  • “IoT Growing Faster Than the Ability to Defend It”
  • “How the Internet of Things will impact confidence privacy”
  • “Internet of Things security: What happens when every device is smart and you don’t even know it?”
  • “When IoT inclination are everywhere, the confidence headaches just get worse.”
  • “You know IoT confidence is bad when libertarians call for despotic regulation, ‘When the internet crashes into the genuine universe and people get killed’ you’ll be sorry”
  • “The Internet of Things: What Could Go Wrong”
  • “New HNS IoT Botnet Has Already Amassed 14K Bots” –  A new botnet is flourishing around the world, feeding off unsecured IoT devices, especially IP cameras, and getting prepared to do some harm.
  • “Why it’s vicious enterprises residence the IoT confidence blind spot”

IoT is a income pit.  With an already approx. 75% disaster rate, there will always be people who need to be paid to purify up its messes.  Even scarier – according to many telecom confidence experts, IoT puts us all in risk of being hacked by terrorists who could actually close down the whole country for an unfixed duration of time.

“I wish to be hacked” pronounced no person EVER. 

Unfortunately there’s even some-more bad news that’s been reported by several sources: 

Millions of 5G Small Cell Towers will be commissioned in front of homes and everywhere else in sequence to support IoT.

… 5G will embody the aloft millimeter call frequencies never before used for open Internet and communications technology. These waves do not transport simply by buildings so 5G will need millions of new dungeon towers. The wireless telecom attention is aggressively seeking to outfit scarcely every lamppost and application post around the country with a wireless “small cell” receiver …

Don’t wish this in your village or your neighborhood?  Too bad.  Here’s some-more about that:

10/3/2017:  New York Times:  “Why Does Verizon Care About Telephone Poles?”

Big Telecom and its allies in the White House have sensitively carried out a campaign to secure quick and inexpensive entrance to those poles, at taxpayer expense.

…telecommunications attention lobbyists spent some-more than $24.5 million in campaign contributions last year, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics. At the sovereign level, Trump administration appointees to the Federal Communications Commission have publicly cheered these proposals, while releasing their own breeze regulations to lift out additional industry-friendly manners nationally.”

These due regulations also succeed internal communities’ management with attention fiat to establish how to muster telecommunications apparatus over open streets, sidewalks and parks.

11/10/2017:  Huffington Post:  “The Trump-FCC-ATT-Et Al. Plan: The Insidious ‘Wheel of Mis-Fortune‘”

Killing off net neutrality is just one of the many designed harms.

The Captured FCC is now formulation on preempting the state laws and city ordinances….

There are mixed record at the FCC now relating to stick attachments and 5G to ‘streamline’ wireless deployment…

  • Replacement Utility Poles Pdf Txt Replacement Utility Poles Report and Order, WT Docket No. 17-79 “eliminating the requirement for ancestral refuge examination where application poles are transposed with almost matching poles that can support antennas or other wireless communications equipment. This would eliminate nonessential red fasten and accelerate the buildout of wireless networks via the nation.”
  • 5G Deployment: Apr 20, 2017 –Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment WT Docket No. 17-79 The Federal Communications Commission currently non-stop a move to brand and residence nonessential regulatory barriers to wireless infrastructure deployment.

This has many of us doubt if President Trump is actually wakeful of all that is being sacrificed for IoT.  He seems very endangered about inhabitant confidence when it comes to building a hulk wall at the Mexican border.  Meanwhile, IoT leaves us totally exposed to cyber attacks that could take down the whole country.

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As distant as environmental reserve from all of this new infrastructure, the FCC doesn’t need to caring about that – let alone worry about being held accountable.  They haven’t been held accountable much before now:

  1. In 2014, The Wall Street Journal published an essay about how 1 in 10 U.S. dungeon building grids were already in defilement of the sovereign RadioFrequency (RF) reserve rules. Also there weren’t adequate FCC employees to scold the violations.  https://www.rfsafe.com/wsj-one-10-cell-phone-towers-violate-rf-radiation-safety-rule/
  2. Wireless infrastructure that has already held fire: http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/primers/cell-towers-cell-phones/cell-tower-fires-collapsing/

Also if you are a home owner, the closer any telecom infrastructure is to your property, the some-more your skill value will be reduced.

Lastly, if you give a scream about the sourroundings and all in it, you may wish to squeeze a box of Kleenex:

More from http://whatis5g.info/:

Eight ways 5G and the IoT will mistreat humans, the environment, and the planet: 

  • Health – The strong and flourishing independent science shows harms to the health from x-ray radiation
  • Privacy – The advance of the remoteness from the collection and mining of the digital data
  • Cyber Security -The quick flourishing and harmful cyber confidence risks
  • Environment – The harms to wildlife, quite bees, butterflies and other pollinators
  • Energy – The outrageous appetite expenditure to furnish and energy a wireless Internet of Things
  • Brains and Humanity – The effects on the smarts and amiability from humans increasingly inhabiting the cyber world
  • E-Waste – The astronomical e-waste that will be generated from joining probably every “thing” to the Internet
  • Conflict Minerals – 5G and the IoT will vastly grow the coherence on dispute minerals, which have brought about the death of close to 6 million people
  • Ethics — Ethical issues outset from the IoT.  New human rights laws are being being considered; how should humans describe to robots and AI?  The blurring of what was once a transparent description between record and humans”

If FCC Chair Ajit Pai is still endangered about how Americans feel about him and his family, he may wish to recur his support of IoT.

If President Trump is still dynamic to strengthen the confidence of the country, he better finally passage this IoT nonsense in the bud.

Additional links:

  • “Verizon’s Wireline Networks Diverted Billions for Wireless Deployments Instead of Wiring Municipalities, and Charged Phone Customers for It.”
  • “Firefighters Don’t Want Cell Towers Near Their Stations, But 50+ Federal Bills Allow Cell Towers In Residential Yards and Pretty Much Everywhere Else”
  • “5G – From Blankets to Bullets” 
  • “Captured Agency:  How the FCC is dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates”
  • “The Book of Broken Promises, the $400B Broadband Scandal and Free the Internet”  
  • “Cancer Expert Declares Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation as Carcinogenic to Humans”
  • “Researchers Discover Two Major Flaws in the World’s Computers”
  • “Cell phones cancer: 8 reticent ways to boost probable risk”


  • Citizens for Safe Technology (http://citizensforsafetechnology.org)
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