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The GOP Has Gone All In on a Loony New Conspiracy Theory

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No matter that it’s a groundless swindling speculation assembled on a singular content summary between lovers, Republicans are all in on this “there’s a ‘secret society’ in the FBI to destroy Donald Trump” thing. Even if they make themselves demeanour like fools.

Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is the kind of investiture man who about 15 months back substantially did not suppose himself being asked for criticism on either the FBI was out to get Trump formed on the justification of a singular personal content message, so … he’s trying not to comment.

Problem being, if he’s reluctant to contend “no, this is loony,” then he’s complicit. But that’s Mnuchin, so fervent to suck up to Trump he won’t draw any line, anywhere, ever. As a fun side note, Mnuchin should know from secret societies: he was a Skull and Bones member at Yale.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was a distant some-more enthusiastic, if reduction consequential, member in this sold swindling theory. Appearing on CNN, he was repeatedly humiliated by Chris Cuomo (including about the Bible!), nonetheless kept coming back for more. Gaetz smirked as Cuomo forked out that thousands of other FBI phones are blank content messages from the same period:

Cuomo: How could it be that such a big swindling was undertaken just to censor what these two people were observant from you?

Gaetz: Chris, you’re articulate about undermining the boss of the United States! Of course, it’s one ruin of a swindling and people at the top levels of the supervision were concerned in it. That’s because this is so treacherous! That’s because we’ve got to find out if—you done discuss of Trump interviewing Mueller, we consider that’s one heck of—

Cuomo: Mueller interviewing Trump.

Okay, guy. we know you’re just a pointless swindling idealist nonconformist Republican in your first term in Congress—not accurately a cupboard member, even by the low mandate of the Trump cabinet—but come on, now. This big swindling was inclusive and absolute adequate to disappear months of texts from thousands of FBI employees, but missed the singular content that supposing the idea about what was going on? For that matter, you wish us to trust that the moment professionals of the low state are ominous the leisure (or whatever) and they’re not smart adequate to do it on burner phones? This sold swindling speculation requires a secret multitude of people who are concurrently efficient adequate to discredit a boss and good adequate at gripping secrets to have this hulk sprawling swindling only just now commencement to surface … and nonetheless too f’ing foolish to take privacy measures common to any low-level drug dealer.

Laura Clawson is the Labor editor at Daily Kos Labor, and a contributing editor at Daily Kos.


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