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The Adobo Chronicles’ Persona Of The Year

5FADDBFA-FEA6-4DFB-95CF-72FFC032CC90.jpegSAN JOSE, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Headquarters) – Each year, The Adobo Chronicles names its Person of the Year, selecting from among possibilities who have done a poignant impact on news and social media by grabbing the headlines for drastic deeds and statements relating to inhabitant or general events.

This year, it was intensely formidable for us to name just one person, so we named 4 — all of whom have been credited for statements and actions that misuse their the trust, certainty and contentment of their associate Filipinos.

NoyNoy Aquino – for his  role in commendatory the doing of the free Dengue vaccination program which put over 800,000 school children at harms way, ensuing from new finidngs that the drug Denvaxia administered to them could outcome in serious Dengue disease.

Leni Robredo – for her barbarous video summary to a United Nations Conference wherein she mimicked the Duterte drug fight tongue of inequitable news media and human rights organizations, claiming that 7,000 people have been killed extra-judicially. Also for proposing to safety the hull of the Marawi City militant encircle rather than rebuilding the endless  damage to supervision and private infrastructure and property.

Antonio Trillanes – for his untiring office of a rapist case against President Duterte, roving distant and far-reaching to The Hague to privately broach his censure to the International Criminal Court.  Also for his gusto for defame suits against those who are vicious of his actions.


Risa Hontiveros –  for her unchanging advocacy to strengthen the human rights of terrorists and communists, including those who have caused death, damage and extinction to law-abiding and trusting Filipinos.

For being anti-Filipino, all 4 have been named The Adobo Chronicles’ PERSONA OF THE YEAR…



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