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The 5 Most Dangerous People in the Media Who Talk About Race (Yet Know Little About It)

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Many racially charged issues occupy media space and time these days. From police shootings of African Americans to athletes protesting discrimination, conversations around race are likelier than ever to cocktail into your dusk news. But sometimes, while examination these articulate heads or reading their columns in the morning paper, you may find yourself wondering: Why on earth are these people competent to speak about race?

We don’t know given either.

1. Laura Ingraham


Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Ingraham spews a lot of nonsense on Fox News as a commentator, on her radio show and in her digital opening LifeZette. Recently, she called the NFL players who kneel during the inhabitant anthem “punks.” As ThinkProgress shows in its roundup, she has done a career of making descent generalizations about disenfranchised groups: 

“On her radio show, Ingraham has attacked the pope for articulate about meridian change, railed against certain action, pronounced ‘the Muslims’ never support ‘the conservatives’ on anti-LGBTQ issues, called Planned Parenthood a criminal organization, pronounced many minorities voted for Obama given of his race, and suggested the U.S. should fire undocumented immigrants who wish to re-enter the country, among a litany of other horrible and fact-challenged takes.”

2. Tucker Carlson

Carlson likes to downplay dire secular probity issues while personification the victim on his Fox News show. After Democratic strategist Scott Bolden tried to explain that black and white adults are “living in two opposite Americas,” all Carlson could do was criticism “you don’t know about my experience.”

Nothing like a white man who calls a black person a extremist for speaking out against discrimination.

3. Megyn Kelly

Credit: Kremlin.ru/Wikimedia Commons

Much has been pronounced of new “Today Show” horde Kelly’s laughable explain that both Jesus and Santa Claus were white—a explain that only hints at Kelly’s miss of secular education. As Slate summarizes, perpetuating disastrous and dangerous stereotypes about African Americans has been a thesis of Kelly’s given her days at Fox News. Just given she’s changed to NBC, we shouldn’t assume Kelly has changed her ways. Barely two years ago she questioned either black people wanted jobs and suggested that they don’t caring about ancillary their families.

4. Bari Weiss

Credit: Bari Weiss/Twitter

In a recent piece on informative appropriation, new New York Times columnist Weiss dismisses informative allowance as partial of “the many healthy routine in a melting-pot country like ours” and seems to have no consolation for artists of tone whose work is mostly copied by white people but credit.

An glorious piece at the Intercept sheds light on Weiss’ code of commentary. Her favorite theme? Weiss frequently complains about the hardship she’s faced as a outcome of domestic correctness, like at her alma mater Columbia, where “being an outspoken Zionist done you fascist, ancillary the fight in Iraq done you an imperialist, and desiring that some cultures are indeed some-more cordial than others a hegemon.” Perhaps some of her some-more big colleagues at the New York Times will indicate out to her that desiring certain cultures are higher to others is the very clarification of injustice and Eurocentric thinking.

5. Grant Stinchfield

Texas regressive radio celebrity and many recently, horde of the NRA’s “news” show, Stinchfield has newly left reached over his domain of being a Second Amendment die-hard to diatribe about all from feign news to secular tensions. He believes that people of tone are to censure for gun violence, and has pronounced so seemingly on Twitter:

NRA TV may still not be deliberate a “mainstream” outlet, appreciate god, but with almost half a million monthly viewers, a lot of people are conference Stinchfield’s nonsense on a unchanging basis.

Liz Posner is an associate editor at AlterNet. Her work has seemed on Forbes.com, Bust, Bustle, Refinery29, and elsewhere. Follow her on Twitter at @elizpos.



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