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Tesla still on top in US electric car sales, GM close behind

Americans bought some-more electric vehicles in Sep than any other month this year. According to Inside EV’s monthly sales report, 21,325 battery EVs and plug-in hybrid EVs found homes last month. That’s 20 percent some-more than this time last year and the second top series ever. 2017 looks like it will be a record year; a sum of 159,614 EVs were sold, a figure that should simply be eclipsed by the finish of October.

Tesla leads the pack, interjection to healthy increases in both Model S and Model X sales this month. Tesla may humour some cooperative teasing about frequently missed deadlines, but you could set your watch by the rule of its quarter-ending burst in deliveries. Barring some variable circumstance, the Model S will sojourn the best-selling EV for the third year running. Like the altogether trend, sales for the startup EV builder are up compared to last year, and even if the Model 3 continues to frustrate, we design it to mangle the 50,000 automobile separator by year-end.

General Motors is the only other company within strech of Tesla, either we’re articulate about operation or sales volume. The company just announced it’s adding two new BEVs in the next 18 months, and the some-more we consider about the concepts we saw (very briefly), the some-more we can see them appearing as a Buick crossover and something a bit sleeker wearing a Cadillac badge.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is now on sale in all 50 states and anticipating traction—2,632 sole in Sep and some-more than 14,000 on the highway in 2017 so far. That still only gets it to fifth altogether on the measure chart, and there are 3 months left to go. The Chevy Volt, the Bolt’s plug-in hybrid EV stablemate, is still the second-most renouned EV among American buyers, but its sales have intended off for the last few months.


Toyota is the only other OEM to make the top five, reduction than 300 units behind the Volt. Overall, BEVs were some-more renouned than PHEVs—the sum show a 60:40 split—despite the fact that there are many some-more to select from.

The expansion in the EV marketplace is encouraging, quite as 2017 has not been the best year for the automobile industry. Although sum light-vehicle sales are down for the first time in several years, BEVs and PHEVs have managed to sire that trend. Sadly, a demeanour at those altogether sales numbers puts that EV expansion in context: 142,000 EVs in 9 months competence be a record, but when you consider that almost 13 million new cars and light trucks found buyers over the same timeframe, it’s transparent we’ve got a very prolonged mountain to climb.

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