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Ten Reasons The Trump-Russia Investigation Is Anything But A Nunesburger

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For many people, following the review into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia has been confusing, if not altogether impossible. The delayed drip of information that has been expelled to the open so distant has been simply lost amid the assault of promotion coming out of the Trump White House.

Although Trump would like the open to trust that he is the aim of groundless and politically encouraged attacks from the left, the contribution just do not align with that chronicle of the story.

I admit, until about a week ago, we was not at all assured that the Russia review was a genuine issue. we saw it as the Democrats doing something identical to what was finished to President Obama. The only genuine disproportion was that, while the right was assured PBO was a Muslim-terrorist- detective who would kill them with medical death panels, this time it was the left that was assured that Trump was secretly in cahoots with the Russians. It just seemed like the same old swindling theories drug out and recycled for a opposite audience.

Then someone sent me this document. It is a duplicate of the central twin of Glenn Simpson’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Aug 22, 2017. It is 311 pages prolonged and it reads a lot like a retaining spy novel.

The story is one of treachery: espionage, hacking, request theft, passionate transgressions, blackmail, election rigging, fraud and murder. The expel of characters includes both the approaching and the unexpected. American and Russian diplomats and spies. Somewhere nearby the middle, AZ Senator John McCain creates a warn entrance in the UK. Meanwhile, a GOP Congressman named French Hill creates a identical entrance here at home.


What we schooled from the transcript.

Simpson was subjected to 10 plain hours of doubt by the Senate Judiciary Committee. He seemed willingly and it seems he did his best to yield consummate and finish responses to every doubt presented to him by the committee. Throughout this ten-hour-long ordeal, Simpson was asked the same or identical questions mixed times by opposite members of the committee. His answers remained comparatively unchanging opposite the board.

After reading the transcript, it became transparent to me that the Trump-Russia review is anything but a Nunesburger.

Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Glenn Simpson’s testimony destroys the Trump/Nunes feign narrative.

A former contributor for the Wall Street Journal, Glenn Simpson is one of the founders of Fusion GPS, the company that was hired by the DNC to examine Trump.  Nunes and Trump insist that the supposed dossier is ‘fake.’ The first thing you learn from the 311 page twin is that much of the information collected by Fusion GPS (the barbarous dossier) came from open records. This partial of the dossier includes things like financial documents, genuine estate send records, journal articles joining Trump to several unpalatable characters in the US and overseas, justice annals from lawsuit involving Trump in scarcely every country in the universe and much more.

All of this information was all legally obtained, mostly by FOIA and identical laws that yield entrance to unfamiliar open records. While much of it was already accessible to the public, it took someone with Simpson’s trust of Russia and his journalistic credentials to arrange the pieces of the nonplus and finally start putting them together.

2. The firm’s inquisitive work inside of Russia sparked grave concerns about a conspiracy.

According to Simpson’s minute testimony, GPS Fusion employee Chris Steele trafficked to Russia to follow up on the company’s review into Trump’s activities there. Simpson testified that by this time they were very endangered about who or what the future boss cunning be endangered with there.

On page 143 of the transcript, Simpson tells the Senate:

“So the purpose of this was to see if we could learn more, generally speaking, about his business exchange in Russia. What came back was something, you know, very opposite and apparently some-more alarming, which had to do with — you know, which summarized a domestic swindling and a much broader set of issues than the ones that we fundamentally went looking for. You know, primarily we didn’t know what do with this.”

What this matter tells us is that The Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI, DOJ, Simpson and others know a lot some-more about what is going on than we do.

Additional statements done via the conference endorse that. On page 43, for example, Simpson refers to ‘other information that we’d received’ as a intensity inhabitant confidence issue.

3. Steele went to the FBI with the information in his possession.

According to Simpson’s testimony, as the review incited up some-more and some-more justification of a intensity hazard to inhabitant security, it became apparent that the information had to be handed over to the FBI. Chris Steele met with agents for the first time in approximately late Jun or early Jul of 2017.

Along with the open annals information, Steele incited over information that he had obtained while conducting interviews and sifting by annals in Moscow.

Simpson told the cabinet that primarily he and Steele believed that Trump was being blackmailed by the Russian government.

4. Suspicions of blackmail.

Something you cunning have missed, as reported by Newsweek back in Jun of 2017, Trump and several close family members and associates are EACH hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to Deutsche Bank.

That’s the same Deutsche Bank that staid with the US supervision in Jan of 2017, over charges that it laundered some-more than $10 Billion (that’s billion with a B) worth of Russian income into the US. Once elected, Donald Trump got to right to work forgiving them for it.

You can also perspective some of Trump’s rough financial documents, which were expelled by the Ethics Office in Jan of 2017, right here.

According to Simpson, one of the things his group detected about Trump is that he appears to be heavily in debt, a fact which conflicts with his open statements and persona.

It is engaging to note that this was only the initial suspicion. As they incited up some-more information, Simpson says, their concerns became some-more urgent.

5. Someone inside the Trump campaign went to the FBI around this same time, with identical concerns about Trump’s Russia dealings.

Also discordant to the assertions done by the right, according to Simpson, the confidant inside the Trump stay was not an FBI plant.

Speaking of the informant:


Q. Was this sold also a person who had been a source for Mr. Steele, but identifying who that was?

A. No.

Q. So this was someone eccentric of  Mr. Steele’s sources who potentially had information also on the same topics?

A. Yes. we mean, we don’t consider this implicates any of the issues to contend we consider it was a intentional source, someone who was endangered about the same concerns we had.

MR. DAVIS: I’m having a tough time conference you. Please pronounce up.

BY THE WITNESS: A. It was someone like us who motionless to collect up the phone and report something.

This is the trusted confidant who secretly available Trump’s Foreign Policy Adviser, George Papadopoulos, deliberating Hillary’s stolen emails with Russian operatives.  Papadopoulos after beg guilty to fibbing to the FBI about his connectors to officials in the Russian government.

Curiously,  Papadopoulos’ complaint states that the justification laid out in the charging request does not “constitute all of the contribution famous to the parties concerning the charged offense.”

So again, there is a lot that we do not know.

6. The dossier is not fake.

Memo 2016/080 (published by BuzzFeed here) covers scarcely all of the offenses that are summarized in Papadopoulos’ very-real-and-not-fake indictment. If the dossier were fake, it would also have to be sorcery to have the appetite to envision so closely the charges that would be onward coming.

What the swindling pushers wish you to trust is that the FBI used the ‘fake’ dossier combined by Fusion GPS to manufacturer charges against their beloved leader.

Feel free to count all the holes in that speculation for yourself.

17. Election burglary information incited over to the FBI.

From page 305 of the transcript:

Q. Do you have any information there have been reports about intensity communications between a server at Alpha Bank and potentially servers that go to the Trump classification or Trump — some entity compared with Donald Trump? Do you have any information about those sold reports?

A. That’s kind of an open-ended question. we consider what we pronounced is we were asked about that and it wasn’t — that information wasn’t generated by us and I’m happy to contend it’s over the cunning to have generated, but in the march of being asked about it, you know, people gave us information. we don’t know what else to say.

Q. And what information were you given?

A.  A garland of data. we mean, we were shown like do you know what this would mean, does this mean, and it’s over — it’s really — it’s positively over my competence.

This puzzling information is now in the hands of the FBI. If the election was indeed stolen, the FBI likely has justification that goes distant over anything supposing by Fusion GPS.

8. Someone’s was killed.

On page 279 of the transcript, Mr. Levy, one of the lawyers representing Fusion GPS tells the committee:

Somebody’s already been killed as a outcome of the announcement of this dossier and no mistreat should come to anybody associated to this honest work.

The matter came in response to steady questions about the names of the sources who supposing information to Fusion GPS. Simpson’s profession done it transparent that some names and sum would be supposing to the cabinet in a particularly trusted manner. The conference was changed to a sealed event mixed times, presumably so that could take place.

9. Carter Page is zero and everything.

You cunning consider that Carter Page, the theme of the Nunes memo, is a major player in all of this. Given that there is so much we don’t know, we won’t try theory the inlet or border of his impasse in a incomparable conspiracy.

Trying to disprove or differently criticise the review is Trump’s only hope. He is anticipating to mangle the sequence of justification that is no-doubt ascent against him by aggressive the legality of the review of Page.

Again, the contribution are discordant to the Nunes memo. According to the memo, the review was instituted by the Fusion GPS documents. According to this essay by Politico, that is not what happened:

What does seem to have happened is that several U.S. comprehension agencies were looking into Page’s time in Moscow, then briefed Senate minority leader, Democrat Harry Reid, who wrote a minute to FBI Director James Comey asking him to investigate, among other things, “whether a Trump confidant who has been rarely vicious of U.S. and European mercantile sanctions on Russia, and who has conflicts of seductiveness due to investments in Russian appetite firm Gazprom, met with high-ranking authorised people while in Moscow in Jul of 2016, good after Trump became the unreserved Republican nominee.”

10. The justification keeps mounting…

GQ reported on Feb 6, 2018;

Thanks to an ignored filing done in sovereign justice this past summer, we can now supplement a valuables business to the list of Trump family enterprises that allegedly served as vehicles to fraudulently censor the resources of ultra-rich foreigners with mottled backgrounds. In late June, the Commercial Bank of Dubai sought—and after received—permission to summons Ivanka Trump’s now-defunct excellent valuables line, claiming its diamonds were used in a large scheme to censor roughly $100 million that was due to the bank, according to filings at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Meanwhile, the barbarous personality continues to censor from questioning, while trying to impede the FBI investigation.

There is still too much we don’t know.

Regardless of what you consider of Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton or the DNC, we consider we are articulate about something much bigger than every day run of the indent domestic infighting in America.

Trump is frantically trying to spin this as a ‘partisan attack,’ a ‘set up,’ a tract against him by the ‘evil democrats’. we entertained the probability that yes, that could, in fact, be what is happening. But the contribution do not support that chronicle of reality.

There are too many ties to Russia, either by campaign staffers, domestic allies or business associates. There’s his secretive financial annals and untrustworthy business exchange all around the globe. Most of all, yet there is that discouraging trust of his character, or miss of it.

Beyond that, every time we see Trump, we am eerily reminded of Randal Flagg, from Stephen King’s The Stand.

Image credit, video screen squeeze from Stephen King’s The Stand

I trust that we are vital at a essential indicate in history. It may good be a branch indicate for the nation, that will perpetually change us. The justification suggests that there have been an outmost forces operative to order us for a prolonged time. We only give the rivalry appetite over us by remaining divided.

Historically, Americans have a way of rising up and coming together when faced with the worst. we trust we can still do that, in annoy of the many differences.

Featured picture credit: pleasantness of the Kremlin.

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