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“Technical difficulties” disease Arizona lottery; same winning numbers drawn

Arizona Lottery officials are questioning what they described on their website as “technical difficulties” surrounding one of their pointless series generators used to collect the winning numbers for many of the state’s lottery games. As it turns out, the appurtenance generated the same winning numbers in mixed drawings for three opposite games.

State officials haven’t offering an explanation, but they pronounced they would offer refunds to gamblers (if they didn’t drop their tickets) or would sell their tickets for new ones. The lottery’s computerized picking complement generated transcribe numbers for the diversion All or Nothing on Sep 28 and Sep 30, and on Sep 29 and Oct 3.

Other influenced games embody Pick 3, which saw transcribe winning numbers on Sep 29 and Oct 3. The same thing happened with the diversion 5 Card Cash on the same dates. However, bettors can breathe a whine of relief. If you picked the winning numbers, your tickets will be honored.

O’Shea pronounced that on Sep 29, the numbers selected by one of the 3 pointless series generators used for Fantasy 5 were 1-4-8-12-28. That same winning multiple was picked again on Oct 3 by the same generator (the next time this sold generator was employed). The malfunctioning appurtenance used in the 3 games has been taken out of service tentative an investigation.


“The firmness of a games is peerless to (the) Arizona Lottery. We have implausible players at Arizona Lottery and we conclude their calm and support,” mouthpiece Nikki O’Shea told the Arizona Republic. O’Shea did not return countless messages from Ars seeking a deeper explanation. The state uses 3 pointless series generators, and they are not connected to the Internet or a network.

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