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Team Trump Add Insult to Injury for the Palestinians

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It is tantalizing to appreciate the proclamation last week of a check until the new year in US vice-president Mike Pence’s revisit to the Middle East as the ultimate transport warning. It follows an tear of informal disturbance over Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

During protests Dec 15, Israeli function forces killed 4 Palestinians and harmed some-more than 250.

US officials, however, are not worried about Pence’s safety. In fact, predictions of a third Palestinian overthrow in response to Trump’s Jerusalem stipulation may be premature.


After decades of extreme US disposition towards Israel, Trump has reliable to Palestinians only what they already knew. Some even grudgingly welcomed his candour. They wish he has finally silenced US claims to being an “honest broker” in an perpetual “peace process” that has simply bought time for Israel to barricade the occupation.

The Palestinians’ anger toward Israel and the US is a slow-burning fuse. It will erupt at a moment of their choosing, not of Trump’s.

Rather, the perplexity in Washington over the vice-president’s revisit reflects the disorderly new tactful reality that the White House has unleashed.

Pence was due here to well-spoken the trail to Trump’s long-promised assent devise and to prominence the difficulty of Christians in the Middle East. The doorway has now been resolutely close in his face on both counts. Palestinian officials have announced a protest of him, as have Christian leaders in Palestine and Egypt. 

Instead of canceling Pence’s revisit or exploiting the additional respirating space to try to retreat the damage, the self-willed Trump administration has indicated it is fervent to mangle some-more of the china.

Denied entrance to Palestinian officials, his report will concentration on Israel. Following a tactful fashion set by his boss in May, Pence is due to revisit the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s assigned Old City and immediately next the Al Aqsa mosque plaza.

His visit, however, has been billed as “official,” not private. And it will be invested with distant graver symbolism, given Trump’s nomination of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

To supplement insult to injury, and in transgression of claims that Washington will not pre-determine the borders of a divided Jerusalem before assent talks, an unnamed comparison US central gave Pence’s revisit an even some-more discouraging context. He remarkable that there was no unfolding in which the US did not see the Western Wall finale up in Israel’s hands.

The US policy change on Jerusalem has been a produce blow to the 3 categorical pillars ancillary the means of Palestinian statehood: the Palestinian Authority, the European Union, and the Arab states. 

The biggest crook is Palestinian boss Mahmoud Abbas. Washington nude him of his emperor’s clothes: he now heads a Palestinian government-in-waiting that is doubtful ever to be trustworthy to a state, viable or otherwise.

The Arab states, which insincere they were the pivotal to a much-touted “outside-in” strategy, formulating a informal horizon for peace, have been deprived of the singular issue – Jerusalem – that matters many to them.

Egypt scrambled to help Abbas at the weekend by drafting a UN confidence fortitude to revoke any change of standing for Jerusalem. But an unavoidable US halt done the pierce moot.

And Europe, which has played “good cop” to the bullying US one, has been unprotected as complicit in its partner’s brute behavior.

Europe’s difficulty is underscored by its peace-making rhetoric. It has prolonged cried wolf, warning that a moment would shortly arrive when a two-state solution was no longer feasible, when a proxy function morphed into permanent apartheid.

Now that the heart of a Palestinian state has been publicly devoured by the wolf, what will Europe and Abbas do?

The signs are that they will fake zero has changed – if only out of fear of what competence fill the blank if peace-making were unprotected as a vale charade.

But it is precisely the disguise of a assent routine that has kept Palestinians cumulative to an illusion. The duration of fake wish about statehood does not advantage Palestinians; it preserves a ease that aids Israel.

That was because the White House accused Abbas of walking divided from discourse last week. But only a dope keeps on appealing to the better inlet of a deaf thug.

The weight now falls on the PA, the Arab states and Europe to accept the new reality, and claim a policy eccentric of the US.

Some Palestinian leaders, like Hanan Ashrawi, already know this. “Trump’s pierce is a new era,” she pronounced last week. “There’s no going back.”

Palestinian goals and strategies must be reassessed. Nonetheless, the pressures for a return to the “peace” business, as usual, will be intense.

Ordinary Palestinians in Jerusalem may be the first to vigilance the new instruction of onslaught – one that recognizes that a Palestinian state is passed and buried.

In new years, flourishing numbers have started applying, as Israeli law entitles them to, for Israeli citizenship. Israel has disfigured and incited to check honoring its commitment, even as it calls Jerusalem its “united capital.”

Palestinians will have to shame Israel, the US and the examination universe by adopting the collection of an anti-apartheid onslaught – of non-violent insurgency and polite insubordination – to benefit equal rights in a singular state.

At the moment, the undercurrents of Palestinian fury customarily whirl next the surface. But they will arise in time, and the consequences of Trump’s help will turn all too apparent.

A chronicle of this essay first seemed in the National, Abu Dhabi.

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