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Syrian War – How America Shot Itself in the Foot

By Chris Kanthan

Total fiasco. That’s a discerning way to impersonate the US journey in Syria in the last 6 years. The substitute fight not only unsuccessful to accomplish its idea – dismissal of Assad – it tremendously enervated the US in the Middle East, strengthened its adversaries, and soured its family with many allies. If it were a movie, America’s new Mideast policy would be called, How to Lose a Region in 6 Years; and if it were a book, it would be titled, How to Win Enemies and Lose Influence. To make things worse, globalists have refused to acknowledge their mistakes and are now doubling down on their unsuccessful policies.

Let’s start with the claims of all the good pundits, military experts and politicians who have been consistently wrong given 2011.

  • Assad must go; Assad will be left soon
  • Syrians will arise up against Assad
  • Soldiers from the Syrian Army will dried in masses and overpower Assad
  • Ok, Syrians couldn’t do it, but certainly Al Qaeda will bring down Assad
  • Al Qaeda couldn’t do it, but ISIS will really finish the job
  • The (good) terrorists will win if they just got some-more guns and anti-tank missiles
  • Let’s spend a few some-more billions of dollars on training and defending the rebels. Victory is near!
  • Russia will never intervene!
  • Russia will remove Crimea and entrance to the Black Sea!
  • Russia’s economy is about to fall since of the sanctions and low oil prices (which we competence have rigged)!
  • Syria will turn Russia’s Afghanistan!

Humiliating Defeat in Syria


Every one of their predictions and strategy failed. How about their contingent goals behind the Syrian war? Break up Syria into racial regions – including an nonconformist Sunni segment tranquil by Saudi Arabia, build a Qatar oil/gas tube thru Syria to Europe, let Israel cavalcade oil in Golan Heights, and kick Russia’s naval bottom out of Syria. All those geopolitical goals were blown to smithereens.

Not only did they destroy in everything, they done things worse. Syria used to be utterly pro-West. Before the war, Assad would revisit France and the UK, and U.S. leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter have visited Syria. But, from now on, Syria will provide the U.S. as open rivalry #1 for the foreseeable future.

Russia had only amiable change in Syria before. However, now, Russia’s barb invulnerability systems and military/naval bases have been resolutely determined in Syria. Basically, the fight gave Russians what they could only dream of before.

Iran Hezbollah

Similarly, their strategy to enclose Iran worked precisely the other way. In their paranoia, Saudi Arabia and Israel suspicion they could preemptively stop the supposed Shiite Crescent – constant areas of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Instead, Iran’s para-military forces and Hezbollah’s extreme fighters saved Syria from ISIS and Al Qaeda. Thus, Iran and Hezbollah are now precious as heroes in Syria.

Regarding Iran, the US policy has also been schizophrenic. Obama’s lifting of sanctions and the nuclear understanding have been followed by heated passion and saber rattling. Even yet Iran has been adhering to its promises, Neocons and the pro-Israeli throng in Washington are still prickly for a fight with Iran.


If you thought, “Okay, at slightest they didn’t screw up Iraq,” you’d be too optimistic. After the Al Qaeda-ISIS devise failed, Israel is now ancillary the arrangement of Kurdistan – radically the dissection of Iraq. In fact, the Kurds’ contingent idea is to form a vast Kurdistan that would ring lands from Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Thus, interjection to Israel, Iraq is aligning itself with Iran and Turkey, and moving divided from the US. Iraqi leaders are also drifting to Moscow and forging deals with Putin.


One of the many critical Islamic countries in that segment is Turkey. It’s also a NATO member that hosts a vital NATO military base. For 5 years it colluded with America and other allies in the substitute fight against Syria. Then, in 2016, the CIA pulled a quick one and attempted a military manoeuvre to overpower Erdogan. Embarrassingly, the manoeuvre failed. Hence it’s no warn that Erdogan flipped 180 degrees and has been warming up to Russia.

Erdogan has fast sealed many deals with Putin, including Russian pipelines by Black Sea, a Russian nuclear energy plant in Turkey, and Russia’s famous S-400 barb invulnerability systems. (Unlike the American systems, the S-400 will fire down US missiles and planes). Erdogan has visited Tehran (Iran’s capital) and perceived Putin in Turkey in the last year, and has done it utterly transparent that he’s not resolutely in the US globe of change anymore.

To make things worse, the Turkey-US family are deteriorating every day. Just this week, Turkey arrested an employee at the US consulate in Istanbul, after accusing him of being a spy who participated in the manoeuvre last year. This has led to both countries suspending visa services in their consulates.

Turkey is also operative out military and mercantile deals with Iran. Those two have even concluded to abstain the US dollar and control their trades in internal currencies.

As we explain in my book, Syria – War of Deception, the US needs Turkey for countless geopolitical reasons, including gaining change in Central Asia to delayed down China’s rising power.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Not calm with this chaos, globalists have also managed to operative a dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both hosts of vast US military bases. Having your friends fight against any other weakens your fondness – this is Geopolitics 101. Right after Trump’s revisit to Saudi Arabia, the Saudis instituted a land/air besiege of Qatar. Guess who’s been providing food and other essentials to Qatar for the last few months? Iran and Turkey.

Qatar has also been fastening with Russia and China. It bought 16% of Russia’s oil hulk (Rosneft) and then sole it to China. Qatar is also conducting a lot of business with China in Yuan, foregoing the almighty US dollar. Thus you can supplement Qatar to another US fan who has schooled to share their faithfulness with the enemies of the US.

If all of that sound bad, Saudi Arabia’s King done a ancestral revisit to Russia in Oct and sealed several deals with Putin to stabilise oil cost and squeeze Russia’s barb invulnerability system. This is extraordinary for many reasons. Saudi Arabia and Russia have been sour enemies for decades. The Saudis saved the Mujahideen in Afghanistan that degraded the USSR; then they saved Islamic terrorists in Chechnya that caused huge problems and chagrin for Russia in the 1990s; and the Saudis saved Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. Saudi Arabia is also an American bondman state that plays a pivotal role in the upkeep of petrodollar. If Saudi Arabia decides to sell oil in other currencies or gold, the US dollar would be decimated. Given all that and Russia’s fondness with Iran (Saudi’s nemesis), one can see how staggering the new Saudi-Russia partnership is.


The US unfamiliar policy worked good in the epoch of Cold War when alliances were binary and US allies had nowhere to go. However, the Syrian fight suggested that the US is not the only policeman in city – Russia and China are personification lead roles in global geopolitics. The US needs to learn the art of diplomacy. Instead of spending a lot of time constantly demonizing and melancholy other countries, the US unfamiliar policy must concentration on sensitively operative out deals behind the scenes. Finally, the US must accept a multipolar universe where other nations are treated as partners and not as bondman states.

Chris Kanthan is the author of a new book, Syria – War of Deception. It’s accessible in a precipitated as good as a longer version. Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has trafficked to 35 countries, and writes about universe affairs, politics, economy and health. His other book is Deconstructing Monsanto.

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