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Syrian War for Dummies – Three Versions

By Chris Kanthan

Although the Syrian fight is almost over, many Americans still don’t know what transpired over the last 7 years, given the mainstream account has been an annoying brew of propaganda, half-truths and lies. Three versions of the dispute are presented here and the reader can select the one that creates the many clarity to them.

Disney Version

Once on a time, a country called Syria was ruled by a vicious tyrant named Bashar Al-Assad. He was a vicious man who gassed his own people. His actions caused a polite fight in Syria. America and Europe tried their best to stop the harmful polite war, and even easily supposed many Syrian refugees. Eventually America went to Syria, degraded ISIS, and is now trying to revive stability.

This above chronicle is utterly renouned among many Americans and Europeans.


High School Version

Oppressed by Assad’s brutal regime, the Syrian people longed for leisure and democracy. One day, people started protesting in a tiny city. In response, Assad killed many pacific protesters. However, this backfired and the whole country was engulfed in protests. Soon a polite fight pennyless out, which led to millions of refugees journey Syria.

America was confounded and, for charitable reasons, motionless to help the Syrians who were fighting Assad. When Assad gassed his own people, America intervened and private all his chemical weapons. Unfortunately, Assad managed to gas trusting civilians again after a few years. Then, America went to Syria, degraded ISIS, and is now trying to revive stability.

The above chronicle is presented in many mainstream media.

College Version

Simply put, the Syrian “civil war” is an illegal, substitute fight waged against Syria. In rebuttal of general laws, many countries have been promulgation weapons and militant mercenaries into Syria for the last 6 years (if you wish to benefit a deeper bargain of who wants to disintegrate Assad and why, greatfully review my article: “Chaos in Syria: Part 1 – Three Motives and Seven Countries”.


In early 2011, US/UK special forces used Jordan’s military bottom to classify protests against Assad in a limit city called Daraa. With Muslim Brotherhood’s organizational skills and Saudi Arabia’s low pockets, aroused protests widespread thru Syria. Soon, an orderly and armed company famous as Free Syrian Army (FSA) was combined by the outsiders.

After the tumble of Gaddafi in late 2011, lethal weapons such as Stinger missiles and Sarin gas were shipped from Libya to Syria, around Turkey. Even with all this help, FSA couldn’t win the war. At this point, NATO and Neocons wanted to explosve Syria, but Russia and China vetoed the suit in the UN, so the fight of rubbing changed on to the next phase.


In early 2012, someone dialed Al Qaeda (referred to as AQ or AQI in supervision documents). Zawahiri, AQ’s top leader, called for help and gifted Islamic terrorists from all over the universe rushed into Syria. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, perceived an email from her arch adviser, observant that “Al Qaeda is on the side.

Al Qaeda rebranded itself as Al Nusra, and fearsome weapons such as grenade launchers, mortars, tanks and anti-tank missiles started pouring into Syria around Turkey and Jordan.

The CIA spent $100,000 to sight any rebel. Billions of dollars were squandered once again on terrorists.

Watching the Western media, one wouldn’t know that we were ancillary Al Qaeda or how heavily armed these “rebels” were.

Western media and politicians also stuck to their articulate points and referred to all these fighters as “moderate rebels.” However, many of them are vicious Islamists who use self-murder bombers, decapitate even children, and dedicate accursed atrocities. They are also eremite fanatics who find out and kill Christians and Shiites. we report this in sum in my book, Deconstructing the Syrian War.

At this point, the Syrian fight stopped being a polite fight and incited into an invasion. A Pentagon memo warned against this forward policy and precisely likely the arise of groups such as ISIS. Obviously the memo was abandoned by the White House and other officials.

2012 was also the year when the interloper predicament started to turn real. By the finish of the year, almost 200,000 people had fled Syria. In the coming years, it would bloat to 5 million.


When FSA and AQ unsuccessful to reject Assad, the powers-to-be started recruiting Sunni extremists in Iraq. In Apr 2013, ISIS was strictly created. In the next year, these barbarous Salafists would capture much of eastern Syria.

This was also the year when Obama’s red-line was crossed – use of chemical weapons by Assad. UN experts who went to the site shortly found that it was actually the rebels who had likely used the chemical weapons. The report was fast drowned by the Western promotion machine.


The next two years were just repetitions of the daily savagery of war, with ISIS making outrageous gains in the east. Whenever the rebels started to lose, possibly some-more weapons would upsurge in, or Israel would fly into Syria and explosve the Syrian army.

In late 2015, the Syrian supervision sought Russia’s help. Within a month, Putin enervated ISIS by destroying many of the oil tankers that ISIS was using to ride oil to Turkey. By the finish of 2016, the Syrian supervision had the top palm – Aleppo was released from Al Qaeda, and ISIS was using out of cash and morale.


2017 was branch out to be a good year for Assad. By March, ISIS had lost over 3 hundred towns to the Syrian army.

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Al Qaeda was confronting a identical demise, losing one big city after another.

Furthermore, Trump had stopped defending the rebels in February. In late March, Trump and Tillerson forsaken the aphorism “Assad must go.

Finally, Assad was getting prepared for a EU-UN assent contention on Apr 4-5.

This was the moment – when all was going in preference of the Syrian supervision – that the purported chemical attack occurred in an area tranquil by the rebels. Plus it happened on the very day that the assent contention had begun.

Without any investigation, within an hour after the pictures and videos came out, the Establishment resolved that Assad was responsible. No eccentric doctors or experts were sent to the site. If one took the time to critically investigate the situation, they will see that the chemical attack was was possibly a hoax or a fake dwindle attack.


After defeating ISIS, the US didn’t just leave Syria, given the genuine idea is to Balkanize Syria and ready for a fight against Iran. Thus the globalists are now trying to use Kurds as a substitute apparatus in this effort. It’s likely that the US will have military bases in Syria for a prolonged time. As prolonged as the US supervision can keep borrowing money, such furious adventures will continue.

In their query for hegemonic geopolitical goals, the elites are sowing some-more chaos around the universe and irreparably deleterious the Western dignified compass. The global mafia’s order seems to be this: if you play by the rules, we will be good to you. Or else.

Those are the 3 versions of the Syrian polite war. Which one will Americans believe?

P.S. Here are some links to review if you would like to benefit a Ph.D. version of the Syrian conflict:

  1. 1956: CIA tract to overpower the Syrian government
  2. 1983: CIA request on plans to erase Syria to capacitate an oil pipeline
  3. 1986: CIA request on how to use Muslim Brotherhood to fuel a narrow-minded (Sunni v. Shiite) polite fight in Syria
  4. 2001: Wesley Clark told that USA will take out 7 countries in 5 years (Libya, Syria, etc.)
  5. 2005: CNN Interview. Christiane Amanpour tells Assad that the western governments are plotting a regime change in Syria
  6. 2006: State Dept cable: Detailed contention of several strategies to capacitate regime change in Syria
  7. 2009: State Dept Email: Saudi Arabia is worried that a Shiite crescent is branch into a full moon (referring to a probable Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon coalition)
  8. 2009: State Dept Cable: Saudi Arabia is the #1 source of appropriation of terrorism worldwide
  9. 2012 State Dept Email: Conquest of Syria means a enervated Iran and this is critical for Israel
  10. 2012: State Dept Email: Use Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to arm/train rebels
  11. 2014: Hillary Clinton admits in an email that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS
  12. 2015: Joe Biden says Saudi Arabia and Qatar arming/funding Al Qaeda in Syria
  13. 2016: John Kerry in a leaked audio recording explains how the US trained/armed the antithesis and was anticipating to use ISIS to force Assad into negotiation
  14. Israel’s Mossad arch admits assisting Al Qaeda and says that it’s given Al Qaeda never attacks Israel.

Chris Kanthan is the author of a new book, Deconstructing the Syrian War. Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has trafficked to 35 countries, and writes about universe affairs, politics, economy and health. His other book is Deconstructing Monsanto. Follow him on Twitter: @GMOChannel

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