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Stephen Miller Was Reportedly Escorted Off Jake Tapper’s CNN Set by Security

Photo Credit: CNN

After a quarrelsome talk with CNN horde Jake Tapper, White House confidant Stephen Miller refused to leave the set and had to be escorted out by security, according to Business Insider.

Miller’s talk was abruptly stopped after he became martial and regularly pounded both Tapper and the network.

Tapper attempted to get answers on a horde of issues associated to Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House and the Steve Bannon controversy. But Miller steady angry articulate points and refused to answer questions.


The horde accused Miller of putting on a show for President Donald Trump and pronounced adequate of the viewers’ time had been “wasted” before slicing his mic.

Trump, preoccupied to the irony, tweeted his regard of Miller shortly after the interview.

Watch the full talk below.

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