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Stephen Miller Had Off-Camera Argument with CNN’s Jake Tapper Before Removal from Set

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White House help Stephen Miller’s angry pretension against Jake Tapper didn’t finish after the CNN horde betimes finished their talk and cut off Miller’s microphone.

CBS News’ Arden Farhi has posted a twin of what went down between Miller and Tapper after CNN’s State of the Union went to blurb on Sunday — and it shows that Miller continued repetition furiously at Tapper for not giving him a free height to showering regard on President Donald Trump.

“Jake, what we caring about is having 3 mins to tell the law about the President of the United States,” Miller told Tapper after the talk ended.


“I let you give, like, a three-minute filibuster at the very top,” countered Tapper.

“You gave me two minutes!” Miller complained.

“OK, Stephen, interjection for coming in,” Tapper responded, apparently trying to pierce on from the interview.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” an angry Miller replied. “Honestly.”

Tapper responded by revelation Miller that his on-air pretension was one reason because the White House very frequency booked him for spots on wire news shows.

“That’s because they don’t put you on TV,” Tapper said.

As Miller continued to complain about Tapper slicing him off, the wire news horde shot back by observant that he shouldn’t be so annoyed given he spent “the whole talk aggressive CNN.”

“I’m not behaving offended,” Miller replied. “I am offended. I’m annoyed by you and I’m annoyed by your network!”

Read the whole twin below.

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