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Stephen Colbert Has All the Proof He Needs Rex Tillerson Called Trump a ‘Moron’

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“Late Show” horde Stephen Colbert on Wednesday mocked Rex Tillerson’s unpretentious press conference, during which the secretary of state declined to repudiate reports he once called the boss “a moron.”

Tillerson began his press discussion by “declaring his adore for his job,” but as Colbert reminded the audience, the secretary once told reporters he “didn’t wish this job” in the first place, and only took it since his wife told him to.

“It’s going to be an ungainly night at the Tillerson house,” Colbert joked.


The horde then incited to Tillerson’s avowal he never “considered” leaving his pursuit as secretary of state.

“Considered leaving this post? No,” Colbert said, derisive Tillerson. “Dreamt about it? Yes. Fantasized about it while pleasuring myself in an oversized chair? No comment.”


“I’m not going to understanding with sparse things like that,” Tillerson told reporters during his press conference.

“Yeah, he totally pronounced it,” Colbert said.

Watch below:

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