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‘Star Wars: The Lone Jedi’ Tickets: Where & How To Buy Tickets

Star Wars: The Lone Jedi will hit theaters in December, but you can buy tickets for the film today. Tickets for the film were suspect to be expelled after tonight during the premiere for the first central trailer of the movie, but it appears that Showcase Cinemas is getting an early start on competitors and has already put tickets for the film up for sale by the museum company’s mobile iOS and Android app.

Yup, you can get your paws on tickets to the new Star Wars movie right now. If you’re formulation on seeing the new film at a Showcase museum then this is the best offer in town, mate.

Where else can we squeeze tickets?

You can also buy tickets for the film online at online at Fandango, Cinemark or other online sheet sites, like Alamo Drafthouse or Atom Tickets.

If you chose to go with Fandango, you’ll get a free print of the film along with your squeeze at the FanShop, while reserve last.

If you buy tickets by Cinemark, you’ll be treated to double the fun, as they will be charity charity a double underline of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.


But at this moment, it appears as if Showcase Cinemas is the only opening that is selling tickets for the film early.

When will the first central trailer for Star Wars: The Lone Jedi be released?

The trailer for the new Star Wars is set to air during tonight’s diversion between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. The diversion starts tonight at 8:15 P.M. EST on ESPN.

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