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Senate To Investigate Raissa Robles’ Martial Law Book

(Photo from Raissa Robles’ Twitter page)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Philippine Senate has its hands full these days — generally around health issues.

It hasn’t nonetheless resolved its conference on the unfit Dengvaxia vaccine which has been administered to some-more than 800,000 Filipino school kids but already, it has lined up another health investigation.  This time, it has something to do with Raissa Robles’ Marcos Martial Law book, ‘Never Again.’

Hospital emergency bedrooms are stating a remarkable spike in nosebleed cases.  While the means of the nosebleed stays a mystery, authorities have determined a common denominator among the emergency cases: all of them grown the bizarre materialisation while reading Robles’ book.

Is it a pathogen imbedded in the book’s pages?  Is it a case of witchcraft? Or does this limit on the ‘miraculous?’

(This is a building story.  Check back for updates)



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