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Security organisation was front for modernized Chinese hacking operation, Feds say

Three men who worked for an Internet confidence organisation in China have been indicted on sovereign charges for hacking into at slightest 3 multinational corporations. The malware they used has been tied to the Chinese government.

Wu Yingzhuo, Dong Hao, and Xia Lei face sovereign charges that they conspired to steal hundreds of gigabytes of information belonging to Siemens AG, Moody’s Analytics, and the GPS record company Trimble. The indictment, which was filed in Sep and unblocked on Monday, pronounced the contingent used stalk phishing e-mails with antagonistic attachments or links to taint targeted finish users. The defendants used customized collection collectively famous as the UPS Backdoor Malware to benefit and contend unapproved entrance to the targeted companies’ networks.

Wu and Dong are first members and equity shareholders of Guangzhou Bo Yu Information Technology Company. Xia is an employee of the company.

The purported hackers used their entrance to lift out a series of contemptuous information thefts. Some time no after than 2011, a co-conspirator placed a forwarding order on a Moody’s e-mail server that caused all messages sent to an successful company economist to be forwarded to a manikin comment combined by the attackers. The economist frequently seemed in news stories aired on inhabitant TV and published in large-circulation newspapers.


In 2014, the men helped mangle into Siemens’ network, where they helped steal employee user names and passwords and 407GB of information relating to the company’s energy, technology, and travel businesses. In 2015 and 2016, the men accessed Trimble’s network and stole blurb business papers and information associated to global navigation satellite systems record Trimble spent millions of dollars developing.

The complaint doesn’t sincerely contend the defendants worked on interest of the Chinese government. The anxiety to the UPS Backdoor Malware, however, links the operation to APT 3, a supposed “advanced determined hazard group” that has used rarely customized e-mail to taint targets with modernized malware given at slightest 2010. In May, an unknown organisation job itself Intrusion Truth published a report claiming that Guangzhou Bo Yu Information Technology, or Boyusec, was really a front for APT 3. A few days later, confidence organisation Recorded Future reported that APT 3—which is also famous as Gothic Panda, Buckeye, UPS Team, and TG-0110—worked directly for China’s Ministry of State Security. The methods described in the complaint closely compare those described in reports Symantec, FireEye, and other confidence firms have released on APT 3.

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