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Search of “Rocket” Madsen’s space lab finds footage of woman’s decapitation

Copenhagen prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen announced in a justice conference Wednesday that “images” of the torture, decapitation, and blazing of a lady were found on a mechanism hard drive at RML Spacelab, the classification clinging to building a manned suborbital rocket led by Danish aerospace operative Peter Madsen. The BBC reports that the images, “which we assume to be real,” pronounced Buch-Jepsen, were on a mechanism believed to go to Madsen—the think in the death of publisher Kim Wall in an occurrence aboard his submarine the UC3 Nautilus.

Madsen, for his part, claimed the video was not his and that the mechanism the video was on was a mechanism that everybody in the lab had entrance to. But other justification presented in this latest conference on his case has stirred the judge overseeing the case to sequence he be held in control another 4 months, as Buch-Jepsen told the justice of the video and other justification that have “strengthened” the case against Madsen given his last conference on Sep 5.

Wall’s headless, limbless torso was found on the seaside on Aug 21, 10 days after Madsen deliberately sank his sub in shoal waters circuitously Copenhagen. The physique was identified by DNA, and traces of Wall’s blood were found within the submarine after it was raised. Autopsy results found that Wall had been stabbed in her ribcage and genitals, possibly at the time of her death or shortly afterward, yet no means of death was determined.

Madsen primarily claimed that he had forsaken Wall off the night before but then certified she had died aboard the sub. He claimed that a 154-pound (70 kg) induce had slipped from his fingers and hit her on the head, ruinous her skull—and that he then buried her at sea and designed to dedicate self-murder by falling the sub. Hours later, he was seen aboard the sub coming the harbor, when the submarine sank. He swam to reserve and was discovered by a circuitously boat.


Madsen, who led the plan to build the Nautilus (and a crowdsourced appropriation campaign to remodel it), as good as two prior submarines while compared with the open source space moody plan Copenhagen Suborbitals, took control of the sub after an hostile dissection with the classification and the arrangement of RML, named for his nickname, “Rocket Madsen.”

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