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Samsung is all speak about the IoT with Bixby 2.0 and SmartThings

Samsung’s annual developer discussion at Moscone West in San Francisco doesn’t always get a lot of open attention; in past years, it has mostly focused on things like Tizen app development. But at this year’s conference, the company focused on rising a new height for connected inclination in the home, the car, and elsewhere—or, at least, a collection of formerly extant platforms that are getting updated and total into a new one.

That new height is called SmartThings Cloud, and it unites existent Samsung IoT services like SmartThings, Samsung Connect, ARTIK, and Harman Ignite. Frankly, Samsung’s offerings have been a treacherous disaster of opposite platforms and services with overlapping functionality and purposes. SmartThings Cloud is mostly a rebranding, which could meant little, but developers may be carefree that it also means an tangible restructuring of resources and products to harmonize what Samsung is doing opposite all of these.

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