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Robert Reich: Protecting Social Security Is Our Next Big Fight

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Fresh off flitting large taxation cuts for companies and the wealthy, Trump and congressional Republicans wish to use the necessity they’ve combined to transparent outrageous cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

As House Speaker Paul Ryan says “We’re going to have to get… at desert reform, which is how you tackle the debt and the deficit.” 

Don’t let them get divided with it.  


Social Security and Medicare are vicious safety-nets for operative and middle-class families. 

Before they existed, Americans faced grave prospects. In 1935, the year Social Security was enacted, roughly half of America’s seniors lived in poverty.  By the 1960s misery among seniors had forsaken significantly, but medical costs were still a major financial weight and only half of Americans aged 65 and over had health insurance. Medicare bound that, guaranteeing health caring for older Americans. 

Today reduction than 10 percent of seniors live in misery and almost all have entrance to health care. According to an research of census data, Social Security payments keep an estimated 22 million Americans from slipping into poverty. 

Medicaid is also a critical salvation for America’s aged and the poor. Yet the Trump administration has already started whittling it divided by enlivening states to levy work mandate on Medicaid recipients.  

Republicans like to call these programs “entitlements,” as if they’re some kind of giveaway.  But Americans compensate into Social Security and Medicare via their whole operative lives. It’s Americans’ own money they’re getting back by these programs. 

These critical reserve nets should be strengthened, not weakened. How? 

1. Lift the roof on income theme to the Social Security tax. Currently, top earners only compensate Social Security taxes on the first $120,000 of their yearly income. So the abounding finish up, in effect,  profitable a revoke Social Security taxation rate than everybody else. Lifting the roof on what abounding Americans minister would help compensate for the Baby Boomers retirements and leave Social Security in good figure for Millennials. 

2. Allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for revoke medication drug prices. As the nation’s largest insurer, Medicare has extensive negotiate power. Why should Americans compensate distant some-more for drugs than people in any other country?

3. Finally, revoke altogether health costs and create a stronger workforce by making Medicare accessible to all. There’s no forgive for the richest republic in the universe to have 28 million Americans still uninsured. 

We need to not just secure, but reanimate Social Security and these other programs for the children, and for the children’s children.  Millennials just overtook Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest demographic.  For them — for all of us — we need to contend shrill and transparent to all of the members of Congress: Hands off Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Expand and urge these programs: don’t cut them.


Robert B. Reich has served in 3 inhabitant administrations, many recently as secretary of labor under President Bill Clinton. His latest book is “Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few.” His website is www.robertreich.org.


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