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Robert Reich: Memo to Tillerson about the Moron

Photo Credit: By United States Department of State (Secretary Rex Tillerson) [Public domain], around Wikimedia Commons

I can know since you feel Washington is a place of “petty nonsense,” as you pronounced Wednesday when you called a news discussion to plead charges that you called Trump a rascal last summer after a assembly of inhabitant confidence officials at the Pentagon.

I’m also pretty certain you called him a moron, which doesn’t make Washington any reduction petty. You substantially called him a rascal since almost all of us out here in the rest of America customarily call him that.

But you’re right: There are distant some-more critical issues than the abuse you likely used to report your boss.


On the other hand, your job him a rascal wouldn’t itself have mushroomed into a title issue – even in sparse Washington – if there weren’t low concerns about the President’s state of mind to start with.

I gamble every cupboard secretary has from time to time called his boss a moron. we was a cupboard secretary once, and nonetheless we don’t remember ever observant Bill Clinton was a moron, we competence have suspicion it, generally when we found out about Monica Lewinsky. But Bill Clinton was no moron.

The reason your foolish criticism about Trump done the headlines is that Trump really is a moron, in the clarity you substantially meant it: He’s impulsive, mercurial, mostly cruel, and pathologically narcissistic. Some psychologists who have complicated his function have resolved he’s a sociopath.

Washington is petty, but it’s not nonsensical. It latches on to gaffes only when they exhibit something important. As publisher Michael Kinsley once said, “A gaffe is when a politician tells the law – some apparent law he isn’t ostensible to say.”

Face it. You are Secretary of State – the nation’s arch diplomat – under a boss who’s dangerously nuts.

Last weekend, for example, Trump publicly pronounced you were wasting your time trying to open talks with North Korea. Does he have a better idea? Any median receptive boss would ask his Secretary of State to try to speak with Kim Jong-Un.

And there’s Iran. You and Defense Secretary James Mattis have both settled the nuclear agreement should be retained. That, too, is only rational. The International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran has been honoring the agreement. Without it, Iran would restart its nuclear program.

But Trump is on the verge of decertifying the agreement in sequence to save face (in the 2016 campaign he called it an “embarrassment to America”) and offer puncture Barack Obama’s legacy. His complacency is endangering the world.

You tried to intercede the brawl between Qatar and its Arab neighbors. That, too, was the reasonable thing to do.

But then Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner sided with the United Arab Emirates, where they have business interests. Less than one hour after you called for a “calm and courteous dialogue” between Qatar and its neighbors, Trump bloody Qatar for financing terrorism. That was also nuts.

You are rightly confounded at Trump’s behavior. we can know since you distanced yourself when Trump blamed “both sides” for assault at a white supremacist convene in Charlottesville. And since you were frightened when Trump gave a extravagantly narrow-minded debate to the Boy Scouts of America, which you once headed.

Given all this, I’m not astounded to hear that you’ve talked about resigning, but that Mattis and John Kelly, the White House arch of staff, have talked you out of it.

I titillate you not to resign. America and the universe need lucid voices speaking into the ear of the Narcissist-in-Chief. 

As Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee and authority of the Foreign Relations Committee pronounced recently, it’s you, Mattis, and Kelly who “help apart the country from chaos.” we don’t cruise Corker was referring to chaos abroad.

Let Trump fire you if he wants to. That would offer exhibit what a rascal he is.

But if you really did wish to offer the best interests of this nation, there’s another option you competence wish to consider.

Quietly meet with Mattis, Kelly, and Vice President Pence. Come up with a devise for getting many of the cupboard to join in a minute to Congress observant Trump is incompetent to liberate the duties of his office.

Under the 25th Amendment, that would meant Trump is fired.

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