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Rick Wilson Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders a ‘Congenital Liar’ in Heated CNN Panel

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A CNN row on Monday veered off-course after GOP strategist Rick Wilson called White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders “a serial, inborn liar” for her invulnerability of Donald Trump’s “Pocahontas” attack on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

“How can Sarah Sanders stand there at the lectern and say, ‘Oh it’s not a slur, the boss doesn’t meant it as a slur,’” horde Don Lemon asked, referring to Trump’s comments at a Native American World War II maestro reverence in the Oval Office on Monday, and Sanders’ successive explain it was not a secular attack on Warren.

“Don, the reason she does that is since her pursuit is fortuitous on her being a serial, inborn liar in invulnerability of Donald Trump’s latest outrages,” Wilson opined. “She substantially has some tiny, shriveled scale left in her essence where she realizes this is the wrong thing to do, but she does it anyway since differently they’ll reinstate her.”


Trump defender Mike Shields countered that every press secretary “advocates on interest of the president,” but Wilson shopping it.

“Few presidents go out and rope secular sincere code disproportion like that,” Wilson replied. “Few presidents go out and crap on the grace and bequest of people like these code talkers, these drastic veterans, and then send their press secretary out to answer questions in a way that isn’t saying, ‘Wow, the boss regrets what he pronounced today, he truly wishes he had not pronounced that.’”

“Instead she goes out and tries to bury people in an avalanche of horsesh*t every day, since this is her job,” Wilson continued. “I get that’s her job. The White House press secretary has to urge the indefensible. In very few other cases in the complicated history, has the press secretary had to go out and urge someone who is slinging things that is demonstrably racially charged.”

Shields tried to disagree that Barack Obama’s press secretary lied when he told reporters, “If you wish your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

“Yeah, but how secular was that?” Wilson asked. “There’s a disproportion in arguing and advocating for policy, and going out and defending–

“Don, you asked, ‘What’s going on here, what’s going on in the country?’” Shields said, slicing Wilson off. “We just had the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday that we’ve had in 20 years, the economy is booming.”

Wilson visibly rolled his eyes at Shields’ remark.

“What does that have to do with job someone a secular slur?” Lemon asked.

“It creates injustice totally cold then?” Wilson chimed in.

Watch the shred below, around CNN:

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