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Rex Tillerson’s Days in the Trump Administration Are Numbered: Report

Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State

The Washington Post expelled a extensive report on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Wednesday night, formed on “the accounts of 19 stream and former comparison administration officials and Capitol Hill aides.” The piece creates it transparent that Tillerson is approaching to step down.

The report describes Tillerson as greatly unfortunate with President Donald Trump, whom he allegedly called a “moron” in private. The attribute between the two has suffered an “irreparable breach” that is likely to finish with Tillerson’s exit from the White House.

Trump and Tillerson have vastly opposite personalities. Trump views Tillerson as “unsupportive” and dislikes his tone. On the singular occasions Tillerson has won a benefaction from the boss on unfamiliar policy, Trump “resents” his success.


Even the staff members of the two men are pronounced to be in slight dispute with any other over their bosses’ differences.

One former comparison central with continued White House entrance told the Post, “The White House meditative is undeniable that he’s going to be left soon, but the arrogance is that he’s going to quit on his own so Trump can say, ‘Thank you for your year of service.’”

“Tillerson has no help. No team, no healthy allies, and he’s not employing anyone. There’s a kind of death spiral,” pronounced a former comparison official.

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