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Review: Toyota’s new Prius Prime needs some-more battery

It began as a meager, prosy little apparatus and grew into zero reduction than a rolling business label that explained a corporate philosophy. The Toyota Prius hybrid explains what Toyota thinks of itself, the automobile business, and multitude distant better than many carmakers’ products over the past decade. And the Prius has been an huge hit, legitimately apropos that stale term in marketing: a brand.

Realistically, plug-in variety are nonetheless another transitory moment on the trail to full electrics, just as variety have been. Most Americans drive no some-more than 30 miles (48.2km) per day, so a plug-in hybrid that exceeds that figure with a arguable aegis will work better for the immeasurable infancy of selling intenders. The gas engine becomes an on-board, real-time insurance policy against operation anxiety.

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