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Rethinking the ‘Goldwater Rule’

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Maybe it’s time America’s psychiatrists recur their Goldwater Rule.

The Goldwater Rule simply states that psychiatrists shouldn’t diagnose the mental health of a open figure unless they’ve privately examined the person. Naturally, if any open total have sought mental health treatment, their doctors would be firm by confidentiality agreements.

In short, at present, if a open figure doesn’t wish to be diagnosed with a mental illness, or if they don’t wish the diagnosis done public, then it will sojourn a secret.


In many cases, this is a good rule. After all, mental illness is still stigmatized.

One of the many successful presidents, Abraham Lincoln, famously suffered from serious depression, but he still did his pursuit well. We wouldn’t wish a modern, would-be Lincoln to face taste simply since his or her basin became public.

But there’s a business in which we trust the Goldwater Rule is harmful.

There are some mental illnesses that are incorrigible and frequency treatable that would also make a person utter to be president. Imagine a sociopath, or someone with narcissistic celebrity disorder, for example.

People with narcissistic celebrity disorder rarely find treatment, according to University of Kentucky psychologists Cristina Crego and Thomas Widiger.

Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater was the 1964 GOP claimant for president. Critics famously questioned his mental health. (Campaign symbol picture from OldPoliticals.com)

If they do, it’s mostly since someone else forced them to do so, like a associate who threatened to leave unless they went to therapy. But even if they show up frequently for their appointments, they may onslaught to do the essence acid compulsory in therapy.

The many carefree response I’ve ever listened from a mental health veteran about the augury of someone with narcissistic celebrity commotion is that maybe, with a lot of time and tough work in therapy, they competence get a little bit better.

Narcissistic celebrity commotion is seriously debilitating, but mostly the person pang from it believes that they’re excellent and everybody else around them has the problem.

Imagine someone in the Oval Office whose biggest need every day is to feel critical and desired by everybody around them, and who responds with fury when they understand any arrange of criticism.

This is a person who can't do the business of the country or put the needs of the country first since his or her personal needs due to the commotion will order their lives.

Given that there will be an whole hostile domestic party who does not like them, not to discuss whole shows on radio like Saturday Night Live clinging to making fun of them, no boss will be desired by all. Every boss must understanding with critique every singular day.

What happens if the boss feels slighted by a unfamiliar leader? He or she could respond with sanctions, war, or even nukes.

Narcissists mostly don’t consider the manners request to them since they are special. They should be means to do what they wish to get what they want. The U.S. boss isn’t above the law, and it would be dangerous to elect someone who believes he or she is.

Given that such a person is never, ever likely to find treatment, nor are they likely to concede a psychiatrist to make an comment of their mental health public, that means that — should such a person be inaugurated — there’s no way for psychiatrists to advise the public.

If the Goldwater Rule were rescinded, there’s positively a risk that psychiatrists would publicly misdiagnose a open figure, or open total with treatable mental illness would face astray scrutiny.

Yet we must find a way to close the stream loophole, which may strengthen someone mentally non-professional for bureau from consultant scrutiny.


Jill Richardson writes about food, agriculture, the environment, health, and well-being. Currently posterior a PhD in Sociology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, she’s the author ofRecipe for America: Why Our Food System is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It. 

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