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Republicans Are Freaked About the Possibility of a Democratic Wave in 2018

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Republicans opposite the party are sounding the alarm about a intensity Democratic call in 2018, but it’s going to be extremely tough for them to do an election-year picture change with Donald Trump in the White House. They competence know what the problem is, but …

A few weeks before Alabama’s special Senate election, President Donald Trump’s handpicked Republican National Committee leader, Ronna Romney McDaniel, delivered a two-page memo to White House arch of staff John Kelly surveying the party’s fall with womanlike voters.

The warning, several people close to the boss said, reflected deepening stress that a full-throated Trump publicity of accused child molester Roy Moore in the special election — which the boss was circumference closer to at the time — would serve repairs the party’s station with women. McDaniel’s memo, which minute the president’s bad capitulation numbers among women nationally and in several states, would go unheeded, as Trump eventually went all-in for the eventually catastrophic Republican candidate.


When you have a boss who follows up a warning that he’s spiteful the party with women electorate by endorsing a child molester, it’s going to be formidable to fix things. Trump’s robe of encouraging infighting among his advisers is also rearing its head. At a new domestic strategy assembly in the White House:

[Former Trump campaign manager Corey] Lewandowski aggressively criticized the Republican National Committee, as good as several White House departments, 5 people briefed on the contention said. He told the boss that his supervision staff and domestic advisers at the party cabinet were doing little to help him, 3 of the people briefed on the assembly said. He forked to, among other thinned-out departments, the Office of Public Liaison. [...]

After the meeting, Mr. Lewandowski and Mr. Stepien got into an evidence outward the Oval Office, stability the sell elsewhere on the White House grounds. They eventually reached a considerate place, 3 people briefed on the sell said.

But on Thursday morning, Mr. Stepien called a heading central at America First Policies, Brian O. Walsh, and pronounced its warn indispensable to be benefaction for future meetings, according to a person briefed on the events.

Yes, they reached so considerate a place that Stepien, the White House domestic director, wants the counsel for Lewandowski’s employer benefaction in the future.

Congressional Republicans aren’t being dragged unwillingly into immorality by Trump—they got there on their own, as their unrestrained over Obamacare dissolution and taxation cuts for companies and billionaires joined with their foot-dragging over children’s health caring entirely shows. But but Trump, they competence be means to well-spoken over their picture for 2018, slap a “we care” face on the whole thing and keep some-more white women in the overlay while using dim income and voter termination to moderate Democratic turnout. Trump, though, mobilizes Democrats and creates it really formidable for Republicans to fake to be anyone but who they are. And so Virginia. And Alabama. And warning signs for 2018.

Laura Clawson is the Labor editor at Daily Kos Labor, and a contributing editor at Daily Kos.


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