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Republican Governor Caught Having Affair Took Nude Photos To Keep Mistress Silent

Missouri administrator Eric Greitens campaigned as a good “Christian Republican” with oodles of “family values” which finished up getting him inaugurated governor, solely it was all a lie.

KMOV 4 in St. Louis posted a story with bomb allegations that are certain to finish Eric Greitens’ domestic career. Before he announced his run for governor, Greitens had an extra-marital event with an unnamed lady who confessed to the event on a recording supposing to the station.

In it, the pathetic wife confesses to her husband that she had a vanquish on the former Navy SEAL and that she went to his residence with the goal to have sex with Greitens. After the tryst, the lady saw a peep from behind the blinds. That’s when Greatens threatened the lady observant if she told anyone of their affair, her bare pictures would be everywhere.

The allegations came to light just before the administrator gave his state of the state address. While Democrats panned Greitens for the carnal and scintillating revelations, Republicans refused criticism observant they had not nonetheless listened the reports. After his speech, Greitens fled the capitol with his sourroundings whisking him back to the governor’s mansion.

The husband pronounced not only did this finish his matrimony but broken a altered family environment.


The man says he didn’t wish to pronounce out before, but says recently, he’s been contacted by law coercion authorities and members of the media. He says he wanted to get in front of a story he believed would come out eventually and he wants to strengthen his family.

“Something happened, topsy-turvy this, and had people hounding me, even leaving a voicemail on my daughter’s phone – when that happened, all changed,” pronounced the ex-husband.

The ex-husband’s attorney, Al Watkins confirms, he too has been in hit regularly with law coercion agencies about this.


Watch the video which has left the whole state of Missouri in shock.


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