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Range Rover goes techno, gets new cabin and P400e plug-in hybrid option

Like it or not, the SUV has turn the widespread automotive category in the early 21st century. The multiple of hire automobile load ability and umpire’s chair pushing position are what the open wants and what the open buys. And we have the Range Rover to appreciate for all of this—it was the first in class.

Last month, Jaguar Land Rover—which depends the Range Rover among its models—announced that it would be adding an electric option for every new automobile in its line up. As of today, at slightest two have broken cover. Last week, the Range Rover Sport P400e ran into the open. Today, the automobile builder suggested the Range Rover P400e.

Both SUVs use the same powertrain. Under the hood, you’ll find a 296hp (221kW) 2.0L four-cylinder Ingenium gasoline engine that sends its energy and torque to all 4 wheels around an eight-speed involuntary transmission. Inside the transmission, there’s also a 114hp (85kW) electric engine fed by a 13.1kWh lithium-ion battery container mounted underneath the luggage area at the back. Charging is around an onboard 7kW charger.


Jaguar Land Rover says that the P400e has a electric-only operation of 31 miles (51km). And given it’s a Range Rover, either or not you’ve actually got 31 miles of roads to cover shouldn’t matter; the company prides itself on maintaining off-road ability that few owners will ever use.

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