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Rance Howard, Father Of Ron & Clint Howard, Dead At The Age Of 89

Rance Howard, Ron Howard

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Film and radio actor Rance Howard, the father of actor and director, Ron Howard, and actor, Clint Howard, has died at the age of 89.

As his son, Ron, reliable in a matter on social media:

Clint we have been sanctified to be Rance Howard’s sons. Today he upheld at 89. He stood generally high 4 his ability to change aspiration w/great personal integrity. A depression-era plantation boy, his passion for behaving changed the march of the family history. We adore skip U Dad

At this time, specific details, including the means of death, are unclear. In further to his two sons, he is also survived by his granddaughters, Bryce Dallas Howard and Paige Howard.


Rance Ron done their film debuts together

Born in Oklahoma, in 1928, Rance got his start as an actor in 1940’s New York as partial of a furloughed company. Making behaving a family affair, Rance and his older son, Ron, done their film debuts together at the same time with the 1956 western film, Frontier Woman. Around this time, he also started to make his entrance on television, as well.

Rance was heavily concerned with his sons’ work

Rance also particularly seemed in opposite faculties on the shows his sons worked on, including The Andy Griffith Show, in which his son Ron played Opie, and Gentle Ben, which starred his son, Clint; Rance also served as a author on the latter show. Even good into the 2010’s, Rance mostly seemed in many of the films destined by his son, Ron, such as 2005’s Cinderella Man or 2009’s Angels Demons.

He was still a industrious actor in his own right

At the time of his death, Rance has seemed in over 100 films. According to CNN, he also seemed in 6 cinema that were nominated for the best-picture Oscar, The Music Man, Chinatown, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon and Nebraska.

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