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Raissa Robles Will Donate One Centavo From Each Sale Of Her Book To Maria Ressa

2CE8E8FB-5F46-4A68-AAA9-1087BFD38118MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Let’s give it to the Yellows. Their umbrella support for any other is simply amazing!

Now that Rappler has been systematic sealed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for defilement of the Philippine Constitution’s anathema on unfamiliar tenure of media companies, Maria Ressa is desperately lifting supports to help support her authorised interest to keep her online news source alive and kicking.

Enter Raissa Robles, author of some book called “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again,” and a blogger and Twitterer extraordinaire.

Today, Robles announced that she will present one centavo from every sale of her one and only book, “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again” to Ressa.

Robles told The Adobo Chronicles, “Sino papa ba ang magtutulungan kundi kami-kaming mga dilawan. However, the best we can do is to present one centavo per book sale.  Marami hubbub kasi akong utang na dapat bayaran.  At saka di masyadong mabenta ang  book ko. But sabi nga nila, it’s the suspicion that counts.”




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