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Pre-release Google Home Mini goes rogue, starts recording 24/7

The Google Home Mini isn’t out yet, but Google is already traffic with an issue associated to it.

Artem Russakovskii, the founder of Android Police, tells the harrowing story of a Google Home Mini left rogue. Russakovskii’s pre-release unit, which he picked up from Google’s Oct 4 eventuality for the tech press, has apparently available “thousands of times a day” and attempted to respond to random noises. After swapping the device with Google, Google engineers dynamic that Russakovskii’s Home Mini had a poor hold row that was induction “phantom” hold events. The Mini has a touch-sensitive surface, and, to issue a command, you can possibly contend “OK Google” or prolonged press on the top. Russakovskii’s section was apparently registering touches at random, so it would incidentally start recording audio of his home and storing it on Google’s servers.

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