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Powermat gives in to Qi, moves wireless charging closer to uniformity

Wireless charging company Powermat has assimilated the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) in a pierce that looks to serve harmonize wireless charging tech behind the renouned Qi standard.

Powermat—which has prolonged pushed the PMA wireless charging customary as Qi’s primary competitor—quietly announced the pierce last week. The company is a heading player in the AirFuel Alliance, a wireless charging standards physique that shaped in 2015 with the partnership of two other organizations, the Alliance for Wireless Power and the Power Matters Association. Powermat has mostly stood conflicting Qi and the WPC.

Qi has won the lion’s share of the wireless charging marketplace in new years, though. Its prevalence came to a conduct last tumble after Apple threw its weight behind the customary with its new iPhone X and iPhone 8 phones. This more-or-less hermetic Powermat’s predestine and led stores like Starbucks—which had formerly upheld Powermat over Qi by its in-store wireless charging pads—to refurbish its chargers to support both formats.

Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinski suggested as much in a press recover announcing the move. “Qi has turn the widespread wireless charging customary on the market, and the recently launched Apple iPhone lineup is justification of this success,” Dubzinski pronounced in a statement. Both Powermat and the WPC contend the company will minister its record and imagination in an bid to urge wireless charging tech behind Qi.


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