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Pope Francis Chides Rappler, Other Mainstream News Media

779E0CA2-6DEA-4971-844E-BC804576B21D.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau)  – Rappler is stating that Pope Francis has described reporters as “protectors of news.”

The Pope’s summary was done in tie with World Communications Day.

But now it turns out that the summary was “lost in translation.”

Francis done the criticism in Spanish and the Rappler contributor misinterpreted it.

Sources close to the Vatican pronounced that what the Pope actually pronounced was that reporters were “purveyors of feign news” (noticias falsas).


The pontiff then pushed for broadcasting “that is guileless and against to all falsehoods, controversial slogans, and marvellous headlines.” He privately mentioned Rappler, Inquirer and The New York Times.

The Pope also apparently praised bloggers and people adults who have Facebook and Twitter accounts, describing their work as “a broadcasting combined by people for people, one that is at the service of all, generally those – and they are the infancy in the universe – who have no voice.”



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