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Police In California Shut Down Marijuana Dealing ‘Church’

CALIFORNIA — On Dec 22, the Roseville Police Department arrested two people on guess of handling an illegal pot store in Roseville.

Since mid-October, brothers Zamrai Popal and Karemullah Popal operated the Temple of Healing and Meditation at 250 South Harding Blvd. under the guise of a church. Roseville Police officers conducted an endless investigation, and on several occasions saw countless people making brief visits to the trickery to buy marijuana. The review suggested that the business was zero some-more than an unlawful tradesman of pot and strong pot products, using internet promotion to attract business and sell to anyone with cash.


Roseville’s Municipal Code territory 19.62.030 prohibits the operation of pot dispensaries or pot estimate comforts in the City of Roseville, either for medical or non-medical pot purposes. The business also didn’t meet state authorised mandate for a pot dispensary, even if the City of Roseville allowed such operations.

On Dec 22, Roseville’s Crime Suppression Unit detectives served hunt warrants at the business and at the Popal chateau in Gold River. They seized just under $40,000 in cash and an estimated $50,000-80,000 in product. They booked Zamrai Popal, age 36, and his brother, 27-year-old Karemullah Popal, into the South Placer Jail on guess of possessing and transporting pot for sale, progressing a place to sell drugs, and conspiracy.

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