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Planning to Get a Little Intoxicated This New Year’s Eve? Here Are Some Ways to Be Safe and Have Fun

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It’s the finish of the year, people are getting vehement about the holidays, and millions of people are making plans for merrymaking on New Year’s Eve. And for lots of people, their chronicle of merrymaking includes using drugs. So for the final Drugs Stuff episode of 2017, who better to speak to about mistreat rebate and merrymaking than DPA’s Stefanie Jones?

Back in 2014, Stefanie wrote a good piece called Five Tips on How to Party Safely on New Year’s Eve. We all wish to have fun, and we all wish to come home at the finish of the night but having any problems, so in this part we empty those tips and give listeners some useful information.


As the executive of assembly growth at the Drug Policy Alliance, Stefanie runs DPA’s Music Fan program, which introduces mistreat rebate beliefs and drug policy alternatives to partygoers, open health officials and city nightlife regulators opposite the U.S. She also oversees communication and overdo to specific communities on drug use and drug policy topics, including on novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and DPA’s girl drug education.

So this New Year’s Eve – and really any time you’re going to use drugs – follow this Safer Partying checklist and check out all the other resources we have to offer on how to party safer.

And for anyone who needs one, be a buddy.

Happy New Year!

This piece first seemed on the Drug Policy Alliance blog.

Derek Rosenfeld is the manager of social media and media family at the Drug Policy Alliance.

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