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Online goblin who speedy ISIS attacks pleads guilty

Jacksonville, Florida – Joshua Ryne Goldberg (22, Orange Park) currently waived his right to complaint and pleaded guilty to an Information charging him with attempted antagonistic repairs and drop by an explosve of a building. He faces a limit chastisement of 20 years in prison, with a 5-year imperative smallest term of imprisonment.

According to the defence agreement, in the summer of 2015, the FBI and law coercion officers from Australia began questioning the online name “AusWitness” and dynamic that it was Goldberg. He had come to the courtesy of law coercion due in partial to his postings concerning the May 3, 2015, attack by two gunman at the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas. Prior to the attack, Goldberg posted a map of the plcae of the competition and urged anyone in the area to attack the event. Goldberg’s posting was copied by gunman Elton Simpson, one of the two people killed during the May 3, 2015, attack. The FBI after located an online posting in which Goldberg took shortcoming for moving the Garland attack, as good as two other designed attacks.


In late Jul 2015, an FBI trusted human source (CHS) began exchanging messages with Goldberg as “AusWitness” on social media. Between Jul and mid-August 2015, Goldberg discussed getting an particular in Melbourne, Australia to lift out a militant attack and to having the CHS dedicate a bombing in the United States. During portions of those conversations, Goldberg sent the CHS 5 website links containing instructions for making an explosve device, including siren bombs and other agitator devices. On Aug 20, 2015, Goldberg settled that he was meditative of siren bombs at a vast open eventuality and after pronounced that a vigour cooker explosve may be better. Later that month, Goldberg told the CHS that he had found the “perfect place” to aim on Sep 11, 2015, and sent the CHS a couple to a Kansas City, Missouri firefighter’s eventuality that memorialized first responders that had been killed in the Sep 11th attacks. On Aug 27, 2015, Goldberg educated the CHS to place the explosve nearby the throng at the commemorative eventuality and to safeguard it was very good hidden.

The following day, Goldberg supposing the CHS with a list of equipment to use in the vigour cooker bomb, including shards of metal, nails, and broken glass. He then educated the CHS to drop screws and other shrapnel in rodent poison before putting them in the vigour cooker explosve in sequence to inflict some-more casualties. Goldberg settled he would post a video of the bombing. A debate research of the explosve making information dynamic that it could have been used to make explosives that would means skill damage, personal injury, and/or death.

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