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Olympic Games In South Korea – Perfect Opportunity For A False Flag Attack?

By Brandon Smith

The fight tongue surrounding North Korea on both sides of the Pacific has never been some-more assertive than it has been the past year (at slightest not given the Korean War). There are some people that see the whole eventuality as a “distraction,” a daze that will never volume to discernible conflict. we remonstrate with this view for a series of reasons.

North Korea is indeed a distraction, but still a daze in the making. That is to say, the chest beating and saber rattling are merely a preface to the much some-more effective daze of live fight and advance in the name of regime change and “national security.” As we remarkable in my essay “Korean War Part II: Why It’s Probably Going To Happen,” the endless entertainment of military resources to the segment that has not been seen in over a decade, the intensely quick enrichment of North Korean barb record to embody ICBMs able of reaching the mainland U.S., the bizarre and rare denunciation by China indicating that they will not umpire against an advance of North Korea by the U.S. “if Pyongyang attacks first….” All of this and some-more shows a transparent transformation of chess pieces into place for a remarkable action.

According to these factors, we am led to trust that a fake dwindle eventuality blamed on North Korea, or a prodding of North Korea into holding an attack posture, is likely. The functions behind such a fight would be many-fold. Primarily, the final implosion of the immeasurable financial froth combined by executive bank impulse measures could be undertaken while the banks themselves shun open censure or prosecution.

A geopolitical predicament vast adequate would yield a ideal victim for an mercantile predicament that was going to rise eventually anyway. And, if this geopolitical predicament were instituted by a “rogue state,” along with the bad decisions of a regressive “populist” boss (Trump), then the chronological account would be complete. Future generations would speak about the “great blunder” of emperor states and nationalists and how hubris and fervour and ego led to a global mercantile disaster and nonessential destruction. The motive for a one universe bureaucratic management would be planted in the minds of the populace.


Will a fight in North Korea be the trigger eventuality for this narrative? It’s tough to say, as there are so many intensity geopolitical powder kegs around the world. However, plenty resources to trigger this kind of eventuality are benefaction around North Korea. And, distinct prohibited spots like Syria and Iran, North Korea offers the many evident and discernible hazard in the minds of many people with its nuclear arsenal.

The pristine panic and foolish conservative meditative that can be annoyed in the confused when the risk of nukes is benefaction is utterly powerful. This could not have been done some-more transparent than this past week when an “accidental” warning of a live ICBM launch occurred in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency now claims that this fake alarm was started by a singular employee, who has not been named.  How? They somehow “pushed the wrong button” … twice!

I find this reason absurd. we can only find one instance of a fake alarm identical to the one in Hawaii, and this took place way back in 1971 with a confusion of tapes heading to a promote warning of approaching attack on the U.S. After this event, the warning complement was theme to streamlining and stopgaps designed to forestall it from ever happening again. During the fake alarm of 1971, over 6 attempts were done for termination broadcasts, the first one within about 10 mins of the initial fake alarm. In Hawaii, no termination was attempted for scarcely 40 minutes.

To supplement to the altogether strangeness, there was nonetheless another fake barb alarm in Japan within the same week!  Yet again, this warning was immediately attributed to North Korea, but at slightest this time the warning was corrected 5 mins after instead of 40.

To me, this smells of a psyop; a test to sign open reactions to a threat, as good as planting preconceived notions of a sold bogeyman. The open did not disappoint.

Eyewitnesses described people “running and great in the streets,” totally doubtful as to what to do. An associate of cave (who is also gifted in preparedness) was in Hawaii at the time of the event. She associated to me that her family motionless to preserve in place since there were no indications that fallout shelters were accessible anyway. Other people tried to reduce their children into the sewers in an bid to shun a nuclear blast. Here is a video showing the fake barb warning causing violence in Hawaii:

(As a side note, sheltering in a cesspool during an discernible nuclear eventuality is the tallness of stupidity. Nuclear blasts send irradiated particulates into the air. These particulates then settle in the streets or are cleared out of the air by rainfall. This water becomes a rarely strong sip of irradiated particulates which are then emptied down into the sewers. You competence tarry the initial blast, you competence not, but you are certain to die from deviation if watchful out the attack in a sewer. Shelter in a dry groundwork instead with as much matter firmness between you and the outward as possible. Keep in mind that whatever place you select to preserve is where you will likely have to stay for at slightest two weeks, or until the nuclear half-life of the particulates has run its course.)

Obviously the normal American is totally confused for a genuine attack of a teenager magnitude, let alone the bulk of a nuclear blast. Perhaps this greeting in Hawaii was so prevalent since Hawaii tends to be left disposition to the extreme, and leftists are generally feeble prepared for anything over a termination by their manicurists. That said, the fact that this “mistake” happened to take place in Hawaii  and Japan which are already under highlight due to the ballistic barb tests of North Korea is an engaging fluke indeed.

Seeing what the greeting in Hawaii was like, a genuine attack presents an alluring eventuality for the establishment. The pristine terror concerned in just the intensity of a nuclear attack is palpable, and this fear creates the masses easy to manipulate. Should a genuine attack take place, possibly by North Korea or by other agencies by fake flag, when is the many fitting time?

The story of Korean dispute suggests a warn attack is a illusive strategy. North Korea is a republic trapped in time, and North Korean authorities remember the success of the warn attacks they used to launch the first Korean fight in Jun 1950. These attacks allowed North Korea communists to overshoot South Korean forces within days.

In terms of a fake dwindle event, these seem to start in the midst of other “training exercises” or distracting events. we can’t consider of anything some-more distracting for South Korea than the Winter Olympics, set to take place Feb 9-25 in Pyeongchang.

I would note the remarkable accessible appearance between North Korea and South Korea just before the Olympics, including the offer by North Korea to attend in a corner women’s hockey group during the games (something that has never happened before). Would it not be a shame if this coal of goodwill was snuffed out by a North Korean barb test or attack of some kind? The “betrayal” would be glorious fight fuel, like a new Pearl Harbor.

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As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson settled recently, the hazard of fight with North Korea is “growing” despite the new “thaw” in family due to the Olympic Games.  The unfreeze is partially predicated on the North Korean direct that all South Korean and US military exercises be cancelled during negotiations.

The standard response by skeptics will be that any attack by North Korea would be met with large nuclear response. we would indicate out that a full-scale nuclear response is doubtful in the region. First, a nuclear attack on North Korea also puts its neighbors (our allies) at risk of substantial deviation exposure. The evidence may be done that only a required attack would be protected for the surrounding countries, not to discuss the Pacific U.S., which could see deviation bearing as well.

Second, a nuke attack is not indispensably going to forestall the need for a belligerent invasion. North Korea has some-more than 8,000 subterraneous comforts that we know of and has been scheming for barrage for over 60 years. Its alpine turf also presents critical doubts as to the efficacy of bombardment. This is not just my comment but the comment of the Department of Defense. The thought that one big nuke symbol is going to solve the problem is childish misinterpretation by people who watch too many movies.

Hopefully, the Olympics will interpretation but occurrence and the skeptics are proven scold on North Korean tensions being zero some-more than a sideshow amounting to a lot of bluster. But for now the turn of dispute entertainment over the past year should be taken seriously, and the panic that could rise if a fight does erupt should be concerning to us all. In times of crisis, people act stupidly and they desire for help from anyone offering, even if it is someone with antagonistic intent. Fearful people will give up almost anything to shun uncertainty, including their leisure and their common sense. And zero causes fear utterly so much as thoughts of fight and fungus clouds.

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