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Ohio man accused of plotting US attacks condemned to 22 years in prison

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Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud, 26, of Columbus, Ohio, was condemned on Jan. 22, to 22 years in jail to be followed by 10 years of supervised release, for training with terrorists abroad and heading a militant plot.

“Mohamud trafficked to Syria to sight and fight with the designated militant classification al-Nusrah Front. He then returned to the United States with the vigilant to control an attack here,” pronounced Acting Assistant Attorney General Boente. “Thanks to the extensive efforts of law enforcement, Mohamud was arrested and his plans were thwarted. One of the National Security Division’s top priorities stays identifying and neutralizing the hazard posed by unfamiliar militant fighters who return to the United States.”


“Mohamud intent in militant activity overseas, which enclosed training and fighting with the Al-Nusrah Front, a designated unfamiliar militant organization,” pronounced U.S. Attorney Glassman. “He then returned to the United States with a devise to do disgusting harm, recruited others to help him in his homeland plot, and then designed and prepared for attacks in the United States. Once caught, he orchestrated a cover commencement with his element misstatements to the FBI. The earnest of his actions can't be farfetched and today’s judgment illustrates that.”

“Mohamud was creatively arrested and indicted in state justice by my bureau and a $2 million bond was set that confirmed him in custody. Those state charges were discharged when the sovereign charge commenced and Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Gibson was combined to the sovereign group as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney,” pronounced Franklin County Prosecutor O’Brien. “This case illustrates the efficacy of the mild bid in the Columbus area to fight terrorism.”

A sovereign grand jury charged Mohamud in Apr 2015 with one count of attempting to yield and providing element support to terrorists, one count of attempting to yield and providing element support to a designated unfamiliar militant classification – namely, al-Nusrah Front – and one count of making fake statements to the FBI involving general terrorism. Mohamud pleaded guilty to those charges in Aug 2015. The defence was hermetic until Jun 2017 since of an ongoing investigation.

According to justice documents, Mohamud is a Somali-born naturalized U.S. citizen, who, in 2014, obtained a U.S. pass and one-way sheet to Greece. During his transport in Apr 2014, Mohamud did not house his joining moody to Athens, Greece. Rather, during his layover in Istanbul, Turkey, he finished pre-arranged plans to cranky the limit into Syria. In Syria, Mohamud perceived training from al-Nusrah Front, a militant classification dependent with al-Qaeda.

According to a matter of contribution ancillary Mohamud’s guilty plea, while in Syria, Mohamud lerned with al-Nusrah Front on fitness, and on the use of weapons and tactics. Mohamud also intent in a firefight and voiced his enterprise to die fighting in Syria.

Mohamud returned to the United States after his hermit was killed fighting for al-Nusrah Front.

The matter of contribution sum that after returning to the United States, Mohamud designed to obtain weapons in sequence to kill military officers, other supervision employees or people in uniform. Evidence seized by the FBI indicates that Mohamud researched places in the U.S. to lift out such plans.

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