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Not So Fast, COMELEC Chair Andy Bautista Says Of His Resignation

A6BD07CC-EEFF-4B73-BF99-389E7DE94D9CMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – While many saw it coming, others were repelled at the abdication currently of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chair Andy Bautista.

Bautista has been accused of having unexplained resources by no reduction than his wife Patricia.  

Bautista’s abdication came in the form of a minute addressed to his  COMELEC family and first reported by GMA News. A screen shot of the minute immediately went viral, showing Bautista’s vigilant to step down by the finish of the year.

But in an disdainful talk with The Adobo Chronicles, he pronounced his minute was “edited,” observant the sealed strange indicated his abdication by the finish of the year 2022.  He supposing us a duplicate of the strange (see photo.)

So it looks like Bautista’s abdication is really a non-resignation, at slightest until 2022.


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