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No Warrant Needed For Police Departments To Share Your License Plate Data

By MassPrivateI

A new story about involuntary permit image readers (ALPR) suggested that police departments in countless states share your permit image information but a warrant.

Three days ago an essay in the Orange Leader, suggested how police in Texas share motorists’ ALPR information with law coercion in other states.

Law coercion agencies versed with license-plate readers share collected data, even opposite state lines in office of drug traffickers, people with superb warrants, stolen vehicles, or other activities of interest.

What does law coercion meant by “other activities of interest”?


Two years ago, we suggested that “other activities of interest” is just a substitution for police hotlists.

These hotlists can embody things like traffic scofflaws, “terrorist watch lists” and secret watch lists, like the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System.

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Police exaggerate of pity permit image information but a warrant…

“No longer does an officer have to take a smoke-stack of warrants and go door-to-door in the hopes of tracking someone down,” Police Chief Rod Carroll said.

As distant as we can tell, only 14 states have principle controlling ALPR usage.

Police are also using Pay-By-Plate fee highway ALPRs to create a large database.

But it doesn’t finish there; law coercion also has entrance to other ALPR databases.

Repo agents and draw lorry drivers share ALPR data

Repo agents, let trucks, tow lorry drivers and even rubbish trucks share you ALPR information with law enforcement.

Three years ago, an essay in the Mercury News suggested that San Jose, California wanted to install ALPRs on rubbish trucks.

The information would be fed directly to the Police Department from the secretly operated rabble trucks, call an officer to respond to stolen vehicles or cars concerned with critical crime.

And in 2015, we wrote an essay about how DHS and law coercion use 200,000 rubbish trucks to spy on everyone.

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If you consider the ALPR calamity story stops there, you would be wrong.

For years now, law coercion has also been using ALPRs in selling malls and parking lots to spy on trusting Americans. They are even meditative of putting ALPRs in automobile washes. (Click here to find out more.)

In 3 brief years, DHS went from cancelling plans to create a inhabitant permit image tracking complement with the DEA, to using the US Border Patrol to do what it could not. (Click here to review about the DEA’s highway ALPRs.)

Four days ago, an essay in The Verge suggested that DHS used the US Border Patrol to accomplish its idea of inhabitant permit image tracking system.

ICE agents would be means to query that database in two ways. A chronological hunt would spin up every place a given permit image has been speckled in the last 5 years, a minute record of the target’s movements. That information could be used to find a given subject’s chateau or even brand associates if a given automobile is frequently speckled in a specific parking lot.

As you can see, police state Amerika is alive and good and is doing all in its energy to destroy the Bill of Rights in the name of open safety.

You can review some-more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this essay first appeared.

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