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No Holiday Season for Sex Workers

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“It’s only rape when the check bounces.” The remark was from a sex worker who knows a little bit about passionate harassment. Thanks to Hollywood cinema and other parable making, the open gets many things wrong about sex work including the name itself. Women in the margin are not “hookers,” “prostitutes,” “call girls” or “ladies of the nights”: they are sex workers since it is work. 

Lately, the news is full of passionate nuisance charges and admissions. But here is a organisation of women who can't roar passionate nuisance since their contention itself is consent. Women we interviewed tell stories about johns hidden the income they just paid back, forcibly hidden “services” they have not paid for and hiding their buddies in the next room for a free squad bang. (They also speak about police passionate shakedowns.) 

The earning life of many sex workers is brief and declines fast generally for women on the street. After a lady is no longer “new” on the streets and as she ages from the severe lifestyle and drug use, she will earn reduction and get reduction “dates.” In sex worker self-help groups the decrease of work possibilities is described as a transition “from the bedpost to the lamppost.”


Johns are mostly to be feared. Many in the Chicago and northern Indiana area remember a sex worker power of terror in the 1990s. The women victims, mostly lost to their families, were never reported blank and were found in deserted buildings. At slightest 4 men were arrested in Chicago during that time. Only 3 years ago, 7 some-more women’s bodies were found in Indiana. They were suspicion to be victims of a sex worker sequence killer. Hammond police held a man in tie with the murders who was a convicted sex offender, presumably concerned in 6 some-more murders under investigation.

Some women who survived the 1990′s Chicago flay seemed in a 2006 documentary called “Turning A Corner,” by the Prostitution Alternatives Roundtable and Salome Chasnoff. The film was partial of a Chicago Coalition for the Homeless campaign and efforts to order legislative change.

One lady in the film says zero could stop her from sex work until a john dragged her two blocks with his automobile and she had her face “nearly scraped off” and almost lost an eye. Another lady stopped, she says, when her crony was found sexually lame and passed in an alley.

Johns who murder know that the easiest victims they can gain are sex workers since no one misses them. In Vancouver, British Columbia, pig farmer Robert Pickton was believed to kill at slightest 49 sex workers.

A 2007 study by bestselling Freakonomics author and University of Chicago economics highbrow Steven D. Levitt with Alladi Venkatesh, found Chicago sex workers were victims of assault from pimps or clients once a month and forced into extorted sex with law coercion officers or squad members in one out of 20 transactions.

Many women on the streets are feeding drug habits and can't contend no. And sadly, the “dates” themselves can be addictive. Getting in cars is both a constraint and obsession contend women we have interviewed–– a kind of “automatic pilot” or coma in which they omit the dangers since they know they will get drugs or cash in minutes. 

Chicago sex worker Pamela Bolton put it like this to a Chicago journal in 1995. “Prostitution is one of the misfortune addictions you can have out here. This street life is some-more addictive than cocaine. More addictive than heroin.” Weeks after she was fatally shot by a man who witnesses contend gathering a red car.

Activists Fight Back

“How many of you acknowledge to having bought the services of a sex worker,” asked sex worker Pussy Willow at a display at a Chicago library a few years ago.  Two shy hands went up. Willow was a member of a Chicago a organisation called Sex Workers, Criminalization and Human Rights or SWOP, a shaped about 10 years ago.

“When you’re a sex worker, everybody wants to be your crony — until it jeopardizes their family or station in the community,” pronounced Willow.

As prolonged as sex workers are implicitly quarantined by illegality and stigma, they risk being robbed, cheated, raped, knifed, shot, beaten up, strangled, abducted, arrested and killed pronounced Willow. Not only are sex workers abandoned of human rights, village activists spin their back too pronounced Willow. “They sight workers to sight workers to sight workers to then go out and try to find ‘victims.’ Meanwhile who is handing out a bag of condoms to the outside sex workers on Belmont avenue? Who is safeguarding women who are getting kick up?”


The loyal needs of the sex worker village are blinded by “studies” full of social scientist jabber pronounced Willow, citing a recent, rarely publicized report which “didn’t even talk sex workers, just occasional johns called ‘hobbyists.’ Hello?”

Martha Rosenberg is an inquisitive health contributor and the author of “Born With a Junk Food Deficiency: How Flaks, Quacks and Hacks Pimp the Public Health (Random House).”

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