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Nintendo Switch NBA diversion jumps by ridiculous hoops to issue a patch

As a complicated portable-gaming device, Nintendo Switch has its share of quirks and blank features, but one thing it’s good at is portion simply downloaded rags and updates for games and apps. A major difference emerged on Thursday, however, with the weird introduction of a “new” diversion that actually serves as a patch and fix for an existent one.

NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition launched on Nintendo’s eShop store on Thursday with a promotional cost of $10, nonetheless owners of the strange NBA Playgrounds, which launched last May, see a opposite price: $0. The game’s developers at Saber Interactive reliable around their central Facebook page that this chronicle of the diversion is effectively an “upgrade” of the original, finish with the new calm and rags that already arrived for the game’s other platforms.

Should you not follow Saber Interactive or NBA Playgrounds on social media networks, however, you competence never see a presentation about this update. NBA Playgrounds‘ strange Nintendo eShop inventory has been totally shuttered as of press time. (A Google cache for the strange is here.) Should a user undo or “archive” the strange game, any attempts to redownload the diversion outcome in an blunder as against to automatically redirecting players to the new version. And given Saber doesn’t occupy the Nintendo eShop’s “news feed” feature, owners of possibly SKU won’t see news about these changes. They must manually hunt the eShop to find the update.

Adding to the confusion, owners of the strange chronicle are educated to not undo that version’s save file, but they are speedy to undo the strange game. The new chronicle shaves scarcely 2GB off the install size, at least.


Saber Interactive’s central forums now don’t discuss the update. Its “news” add-on only mentions a months-old patch for other consoles, while the rest of its subforums include mostly of unmoderated spam with ads for services such as feign passports.

Is paid DLC the culprit?

So what gives? Why doesn’t this work like a normal patch to an existent game, which the Switch can automatically request when connected to the Internet? Figuring that out now requires some guesswork and head-scratching, as nobody concerned has nonetheless reliable the reason. (Neither Nintendo nor Saber Interactive immediately responded to Ars Technica’s questions.)

Saber’s last major refurbish about the Switch chronicle came on Oct 30 with an declaration that calm fixes were “heading to acceptance within a week” and that the developer’s solution to the problem was “radical.” Before that, Saber member responded to undone fans in Jun around a Facebook village thread. When asked about receiving softened online play and facilities that had already reached other platforms, Saber replied, “certain elements of the patch are positively essential but are out of normal Nintendo guidelines. If Nintendo were to approve the patch, it would be expelled immediately, but we are in the midst of a prolonged routine of back-and-forth to get tiny matters waived.”

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