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Nilsa Prowant: Hottest Photos Of ‘Floribama Shore’ Cast Member

Nilsa Prowant is just one of 4 lovely ladies who will star in the series premiere of MTV’s Floribama Shore. Prowant is a 23-year-old stylist from Panama Beach, Florida. Her stylist duties embody  working on hair and make-up for photo-shoots and promenade attendants at internal high schools.

Prowant calls herself “Nilly the Squid” on her Instagram account. According to her MTV profile, the 23-year-old will find herself smack-dab in a “love square” with 3 other roommates. Her bio says that “She’s concerned to boar some furious oats this summer, but fast finds herself in the core of a “love square” with 3 other roommates. Safe to contend Nilsa is going to be at the core of whatever is blowing up in the house.”

Last year, Prowant tried out for the Hooters calendar. She was very unapproachable of herself for losing 15 pounds and took to Instagram to post a photo with a caption, describing her happiness. She wrote, “I’m feeling very unapproachable and assured in myself now that I’m 15 pounds down given October, my physique is in the best figure it has been in years, and we finally feel like we have something to be unapproachable of!”

Prowant is a make-up and hair stylist who has left many business feeling confident and beholden for the results. Facebook user Catie Williford gave Nilsa Prowant a 5-star rating. Williford wrote on Prowant’s Facebook page, “She’s amazing. She had so much calm with my family of 9 session! She was so extraordinary with the meltdowns, diva babies. Thank you, Nilsa!”

You can find Nilsa Prowant on the series premiere of MTV’s Floribama Shore tonight at 10 P.M. EST.


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