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New York City Man, Eager To Join ISIS, Sentenced

BROOKLYN — Akhror Saidakhmetov, a citizen of Kazakhstan and proprietor of Brooklyn, New York, was condemned to 15 years’ seizure for conspiring to yield element support to a designated unfamiliar militant organization, the Islamic State.

“Today, suspect Akhor Saidakhmetov was held accountable for attempting to transport to Syria to salary aroused jihad on interest of ISIS and his goal to kill law coercion officers in the United States if incompetent to strech Syria,” settled Acting United States Attorney Rohde. “We will continue to work closely with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York to interrupt those trying to support unfamiliar militant organizations here or abroad and to prosecute them to the fullest border of the law.”


“Saidakhmetov’s devise was to turn a terrain infantryman for ISIS, but should that not come to pass, he was prepared to bring the fight to the streets by aggressive police officers and FBI agents in the U.S.,” settled FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Sweeney. “This case highlights the hurdles law coercion faces in opposed the modern-day militant threat. And while this is but one of the many successful investigations carried out by the FBI and the partners on the JTTF, there’s no doubt we have some-more work to do.”

“The suspect in this case affianced devotion to ISIS, attempted to transport to Syria, and spoke of purchasing a gun to kill police officers and FBI agents,” settled NYPD Commissioner O’Neill. “He’ll be private from the United States on execution of the 15-year judgment announced today. we wish to appreciate the members of law coercion and the justice complement for their work on this case. It’s representative of the shared shortcoming we have to keep any other, the City, and the republic safe.”

According to prior justice filings, commencement in Aug 2014, Saidakhmetov regularly voiced his radical pro-ISIS views and his enterprise to transport to Syria to fight on interest of ISIS. In Sep 2014, while examination videos of ISIS training camps in Syria, Saidakhmetov settled that he was going to transport to Syria to turn a “Mujahid on the trail of Allah.” During the next several months, Saidakhmetov discussed with a co-conspirator their plans to transport to Syria to fight on interest of ISIS and reached out to supposed ISIS member for information on roving to join ISIS.

Saidakhmetov also settled that if he were incompetent to transport to Syria to join ISIS, he would attack law coercion officers in the United States. Specifically, he settled that he would squeeze a handgun or appurtenance gun and fire police officers and FBI agents.

On Feb 19, 2015, Saidakhmetov purchased a sheet to transport from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK Airport) in Queens, New York, to Istanbul, Turkey, vacating on Feb 25, 2015. While at JFK Airport available his flight, Saidakhmetov perceived approximately $1,600 from a coconspirator to cover his expenses, including the squeeze of a firearm after his attainment in Syria to join ISIS. Saidakhmetov was arrested while attempting to house the moody to Turkey.

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