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New Windows patch disables Intel’s bad Spectre microcode fix

Microsoft has expelled a new Windows patch to invalidate Intel’s hardware-based slackening for the Spectre attack due to bugs introduced by Intel’s mitigation.

In the arise of the Spectre and Meltdown attacks that use the suppositional execution function of complicated processors to trickle supportive information, Intel expelled a microcode refurbish that offers handling systems additional controls over the processor’s ability to envision branches. When interconnected with analogous handling complement changes, the additional controls can forestall the neglected information disclosure.

Unfortunately, Intel rescued progressing this month that the microcode updates are causing machines to reboot. Initially this was reliable to be the case for Haswell and Broadwell chips; Intel later confirmed that it also practical to Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Skylake and Kaby Lake parts. Intel’s recommendation was to stop deploying the microcode. A week ago the company pronounced that it had removed the base means of reboots, at slightest for Haswell and Broadwell processors, and that it would shortly start contrast a new version.

Microsoft’s initial Windows rags would detect the participation of the updated microcode and use the additional controls if they were available. The new Windows refurbish modifies the handling complement so that it won’t use the microcode’s new features, even if they’re detected. Microsoft has also documented registry keys that can be used to selectively capacitate or invalidate the protections, for supportive systems or test environments. By avoiding the new microcode features, Microsoft has found that the complement instability is also avoided.


The refurbish is now offering only as an out-of-band refurbish that must be manually downloaded and installed, and it has no outcome other than to invalidate the use of this sold Spectre mitigation.

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